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Chapter 7: The Flowering of Godliness

But you always seek solutions on the same level and that only increases your difficulties. Try to understand it: when sexual desire arises in your body the eyes start looking for beauty. There are a few stories of saints who gouged out their eyes because their eyes were attracted to beautiful women. The body is looking for beauty, but to remove your eyes is to look for the solution on the same level; it is not rising to a higher level. The body is attracted and you are harming the body itself. You will find no solution by removing your eyes. Even without his eyes a blind man will still be in the grip of his desires. Perhaps if he had eyes he would not have become as obsessed, but without eyes the difficulties will only multiply.

Many religious traditions have advised people in the past to cut off any limb which creates trouble. You will be surprised to know that in Russia there was a Christian sect which used to cut off their genital organs. Only after the revolution in 1917, when it was made illegal, could the sect be prevented from cutting off their genital organs. There were millions of people in Russia who had cut off their genital organs only because they believed that by doing it they would become free from sexual desire.

But by cutting off the genitals one cannot become free from sex because sexual desire is not limited to the genital organs; it is deep within the brain. The genital organs are an extension of the brain, so the joy that you feel in sex is not at the level of the genitals, but rather it is first experienced in the brain.

Those who love food go on a fast, but it is only on the same level. First they were forcibly filling the body and now they are forcibly starving themselves - but the level has not changed. And unless the level changes there can be no transformation in life. Only the higher level can become the master of the lower level, this is the second thing.

The third thing to remember is that if you try to control on the same level, it will become suppression and your whole life will be poisoned. But if you are awakening the higher level then there is no suppression. When the energy of the higher level becomes available, the lower level will simply surrender.

Mind is the whole problem. People come to me and ask, “How can we be free from the mind?” - but the methods that they use to become free from the mind are done by the mind! To become free from the mind people go to a temple, but the temple is also a game created by the mind. To get rid of the mind people read religious books, but these books are also created by the mind. To become free from the mind people begin to repeat a mantra, but that is also within the jurisdiction of the mind. They use rosaries, take oaths and make vows, but all of it is done by the mind.

A friend came to me: he had taken a vow of celibacy. But if it were so simple to become a celibate there would have been no problem. Is it possible to become celibate just by making a vow? He said to me, “I am in great difficulty. I have made this vow, but celibacy is not happening - my mind is more sexual than before. My sexual desire is even stronger than before I made the vow. After I made the vow there has been nothing on my mind but sex. Before it was also possible to think about other things, but now sex has become my only preoccupation.”

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