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Chapter 9: The Simple Task of Turning In

And once you have found the way and you have touched your own being, you have gone through a magic. You will never be the same person again. Not only that, the world that surrounds you will never be the same again. Now your love will have a new fragrance - not the old possessiveness, domination. Your friendship will be more friendliness than friendship. It will not have any bondage, any conditionings. Your vision of the world will become immensely intense and sharp. You will see things which have been there always, present, but you were not present.

Each flower is showing something of the divine. Each star is shining, showing something of the divine. The whole existence in its multitude of expressions is showing only the divine, but you will recognize it only on the condition that you have recognized it within yourself. Then you know that your center is not only your center, it is the center of the whole universe.

We are all joined in this center.

It is said about Bacon - a great scientific thinker, perhaps the most important, because he turned the whole human mind from religion to science.He used to say, “If I can find the center of the world I can move the world according to me.” But he never found the center of the world, and I say unto you he has never heard that in the East we have been searching not the center of the world but the center of ourselves. Finding the center of ourselves we have found the center of the universe. But then the desire for change drops. The universe is so beautiful, nothing needs to be changed; everything has to be rejoiced and celebrated.

These statements of a great master Ejaku are very fundamental.

Ejaku said:
Let each and every one of you turn the light inwards upon himself, and not try to memorize my words.

Only a very great master can say that - don’t bother about my words, because they don’t contain the truth. No words can contain it, so don’t memorize them. I am saying to you, Turn in. But you can do two things: you can memorize the words turn in or you can do another thing.existentially, you can turn in. That’s what Ejaku is saying: “I am not saying these words to you so that you can memorize my words.”

Since time without beginning, you have turned your back upon the light and run after darkness. The habits of erroneous thinking are so deep-rooted in you that it would be extremely difficult to uproot them overnight.

It is obviously true, but with great respect to Ejaku I disagree.

However many lives you may have been wandering outside, it does not matter. You can come to yourself in a single moment. It is just like a man asleep. He may be anywhere in the world, visiting Moscow or Peking or Tokyo or going to the moon - just wake him up. Do you think he will say, “Wait, I have to catch a train to come back from Tokyo?” Or, “From Moscow I have to take a plane; I cannot just wake up immediately.” He does not say that, he simply wakes up and wonders.instantaneously. The projection is a dream. All our projections - of greed, lust, power, anger - are simply dreams.

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