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Chapter 3: Take No Thought for the Morrow

Thousands are the expressions for it, but truth is one. Many are the fingers pointing at the moon, but the moon is one. Don’t get lost in the fingers, don’t get too much attached to the fingers. Look at the message and forget the medium.

Mediums are many, truth is not many. Metaphors are many, truth is not many. Truth is one, eternal, timeless, transcendental. About truth this thing has to be understood very deeply. This understanding will liberate you from being a Christian, from being a Hindu, from being a Jaina, from being a Buddhist, from being a Mohammedan. This understanding will make you religious for the first time.

Religion is not confined to any mediums. Many, many efforts have been made - it is not confined to any effort to express it. All that is expressed is something totally different from the metaphors, the parables, the words, the language, in which it is expressed. Remember the essential and forget the non-essential. Buddha, Mahavira, Krishna, Christ, Mohammed - they all say the same thing, obviously in different ways. They are different people so they speak different languages. They are differently brought up, their metaphors are different. But how can they speak different truths? Truth is one.

Look! - even science is one. There is no Hindu chemistry and there is no Christian mathematics. The truths of science are one. If the truth is one about matter, why should it be otherwise about consciousness? When the truth is one about the periphery, why should it be different as far as the center is concerned? The center is one, the peripheries can be different from each other. The periphery is big enough to be divided. The center is not even big enough to be divided, the center is indivisible. Yes, there is a possibility of there being a Christian mathematics and a Hindu mathematics, but there is no possibility of there being a Christian religion and a Hindu religion - because mathematics exists on the periphery; it is the world of the superficial.

Religion is at the very core of reality, the center of the cyclone. It is one! We can look at it with different eyes, and we can have different glasses on our eyes - different colored glasses. We can have different mind constructs, ideologies to interpret it. But that which is being interpreted is the one. Religion is one. Religions are not religion but just sects. Religions are just ways to point at the religion - fingers pointing to the moon.

Let it sink deep into you.

Just the other day there was a question from Divya that “When you speak on Buddha, it seems Buddha is a Zen master. When you speak on Mahavira, it seems Mahavira is a Zen master. When you speak on Christ, it seems Christ is a Zen master. When you speak on somebody else, it looks like he is the Zen master.”

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