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Chapter 11: Remaining Closed to the Lower: A Technique for Transformation

Buddha laughed. He said, “Who are you talking to? The son that left your house is no more. I am a completely different person.”

The father became even more angry - obviously. He said, “Are you trying to tell me that I don’t know who you are? I have given birth to you!”

Buddha said, “You have given birth to me, but I do not belong to you, I am not your possession. You were just a passage. I am grateful, but don’t say that you know me. You don’t even know yourself so how can you know me?”

The father went on talking in the same way. He was not open to the higher being that Buddha had become, he was not open to the reality that was before him but only to the memory of Siddhartha, his son. A higher force was open to him, but he was open only to the lower. He was behaving like a father with his past memories, not even seeing the reality that was before him.

The whole thing depends on you. Buddha is not the monopoly of any age or any period; Buddha’s power is always there, everywhere. One has only to be open.

The first thing to do is to be closed to the lower. Whenever your mind opens to the lower, just by sheer force of habit, remember continuously to be a witness to it and it will stop, it will close. Don’t waste energy in the lower. Then you will not be dissipating energy, you will be accumulating energy, and the accumulated energy will help to throw open the door to the higher. Once you begin to feel the higher possibilities that exist, there is not even any need to think of the lower. The lower has disappeared: you have entered a different world, a different dimension, a new existence. And then you begin to receive help from advanced souls.

You ask: “In this desperate spiritual situation, how can we get help from advanced souls in the astral world?”

You can get help this very moment! The help is always there, but your eyes are closed. And not only are your eyes closed, you are emphatically in favor of their remaining closed. If someone tries to open your eyes, you use every argument against it. You say, “This is natural - darkness, sin, and evil are natural things.”

For example: Freud brought about a great revolution. He did a great service in making humanity aware that regardless of what a man’s potential is, ninety percent of his activity, his behavior, his thinking, is sexual. It was a great step, but because our mind is open only to the lower, the whole revolution went wrong. So when Freud said that the whole of human life, as it is, seems to be sex-centered, every religion fought against him.

It was a losing battle, because he was pointing out a fact. But now we are using that fact in a very wrong way. Now we say, “Yes, man is sex-oriented, sex-centered, but that is his nature - it has to be so.” So not only ninety percent of human life is accepted as being sex-centered, the remaining ten percent is added to it.

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