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Chapter 16: Life Is a School

One has to take the risk. If you want to get married you have to ask, and you have to take the risk. There is the possibility somebody may say no, but there is no harm. You can ask another woman - there are so many women. Somebody is bound to go with you however idiotic you may be. Every idiot gets a wife. Why Immanuel Kant could not get.!

Now this woman has already decided that I am in a contradiction - that I am not compassionate, and I teach compassion. To call an idiot an idiot - do you think it is against compassion? Should I call him a genius? Should I call a sick man healthy, a dead man alive.out of compassion?

In another question, she asked, “You are a religious man, but you call Christianity a third-rate religion. There is a contradiction.” Now she is here just to find contradictions. What can I do if Christianity is a third-rate religion? As far as I am concerned, all the religions are no longer needed. All organized religions have hindered humanity from progress. But there is a difference of degrees.

For example, Buddhism to me seems to be the purest. It is a chain, but it is made of gold. I would not like anybody to be chained because the chain is made of gold. A chain, after all, is a chain. It makes no difference whether you are encaged in a golden imprisonment. But the distinction is still there - Buddhism is the most refined religion. It has less superstitions than any other religion. It has even dropped the idea of God, seeing that it is a superstition, it is not a truth - nobody has ever experienced it. It needs tremendous courage to have a Godless religion. And that too, twenty-five centuries ago, when Jesus was not even born. It was still five hundred years before Jesus was born.

Buddhism has no prayer. There is no God, hence there cannot be any prayer. It is one of the greatest contributions of Buddhism that it has developed meditations to their utmost purity. There is no prayer, there is only meditation.

Prayer needs a God; meditation needs no God.

Prayer needs a belief; meditation needs no belief.

Prayer is some kind of motivation, some greed.you are asking for something. That is the meaning of praying: you are begging for something. You are asking God to do something for you, as if what he is doing is not right.

For example, your wife is sick and you pray to God, “Make my wife healthy.” You are trying to advise God - who is omnipotent according to your religion, omniscient. He knows all, but you seem to think you know better. You are suggesting to him, advising him to do what is right. Perhaps he has forgotten your wife. But your religion says he is present everywhere, even by the side of your wife’s bed. He is more present than you are. Sitting by the side of your wife’s bed you are thinking about some actress! You are not present there.

Prayer means you are begging for something, you are trying to improve on God, you are trying to advise him. He is going wrong, you are putting him on the right way.

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