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Chapter 45: Christianity: Doomed to Die

I have not come across a single Christian bishop or cardinal who was able to accept any challenge, for the simple reason that their basic philosophy is based on faith, on acceptance, on belief. And the person who is challenging you is not going to accept it as belief - you have to give evidence, you have to give proof, you have to provide eye witnesses for God.

They don’t have even arguments. And the arguments Christians have given are all childish, retarded. Anybody can destroy them without much effort.

But it has tremendous meaning that their experts from seventy-five countries are saying that deprogramming should be stopped. It means you cannot force man any more the way that has always been successful up to now. Times have changed and man has come to a certain maturity. Now he wants freedom to choose his way of life. He does not want anybody else to decide it; he wants to decide it himself, because that is the first step of declaring one’s individuality.

If the pope really means that it is a challenge, then he should not prevent the Italian government from giving me entry into Italy. Sixty-five prominent figures in Italy, internationally known people who have contributed in different dimensions, have protested, “Why is he not being allowed to enter?” The government has not said no, and it is now almost six months since I applied for an entry visa - just to be a tourist there.

And I have my people in Italy. They go on saying to our sannyasins there, “Yes, we will give it; it is coming.” For six months every day, they say “tomorrow.”

But the pope is heavy on the government.

If he really means challenge then let us begin it from the Vatican itself.

I accept the challenge, and I am ready for a public discussion - open discussion - on every Christian dogma, and to prove it absolutely meaningless, nonsense and absurd.

I recently read about an American woman who claims to be possessed by a thirty-five-thousand-year-old being from Atlantis called Ramtha.
The woman dispenses mystical messages from Ramtha via satellite TV, in concert halls, and on thousands of audio tapes. People pay up to four hundred dollars a seat to hear the thirty-five-thousand-year-old outpourings which, just by coincidence, seem to be based on a fair amount of modern, self-help therapy.
I know you say to trust existence, but I cannot help but be skeptical. Can you help me?

Anando has brought me the news about this woman. In America, any idiotic thing has an appeal, and the more you have to pay for it, the more appeal it has.

In other countries you pay more if the thing is more valuable. In America, it is just the reverse: if you have to pay more then the thing becomes more valuable.

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