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Chapter 30: Life Is a Deep Interdependence

Beware of it! Learn the simple fact that truth, love, beauty, bliss - all are very fragile, very momentary. You cannot grasp them in your fist; they are like fragrances. You cannot run after them. You have to wait and trust: the same existence that has brought an experience to you will bring many more. It is abundant, it wants to share, but it can share only with people who are not hoarders. It can share only with people who know the momentariness, the fragileness - and the beauty of fragileness, and the joy of momentariness.

Only dead things are permanent.

All that is alive is changing, moment to moment.

All that is alive is living under the risk of death at any moment. If you want to be secure, absolutely secure, then you will have to enter into your grave; only graveyards are absolutely secure places. In a grave, nothing else happens; everything stops, time stops, nothing changes anymore. Even death cannot do any harm to you.

But if you want to be alive, then more aliveness.the more you have to be alert and aware of the fragileness of all the qualities that are not created and manufactured by man, which descend from the beyond - unpredictable, out of nowhere, suddenly overwhelming you. Don’t think about whether they will remain or go, because if you get into thinking about your future, and the possibility of the experience remaining permanently with you, you may miss everything. Enjoy it, dance with it, let time cease. Put the mind aside. Then even a single moment is equal to eternity.

You are asking, Azima, “The silence I experience lately in your presence is becoming vaster and deeper; and when you leave Chuang Tzu auditorium, tears roll gently down my face and I want nothing more than to stay there. So it is difficult to be active afterwards because I know slowly the experience will change.”

It will change. Even if you don’t do anything, even if you stay here it will change. It does not change because you have to go to work, it changes because change is the nature of life. And it is good that it changes. Otherwise, tomorrow you will not have again the tremendous experience of silence. You will be carrying the stale, old experience of yesterday; you won’t have space enough for the new to enter in.

Change is favorable to life. That’s why even death, I say, is favorable to life - because it is the greatest change. It brings you into new spaces, into new forms, into new existences; it keeps your pilgrimage continuously new, it keeps your excitement alive. Every moment remains always a challenge and a deep awaiting, because anything is possible. Silence can come to you, blissfulness can come to you, ecstasy can descend into your heart, truth can open its doors; life is full of mysteries, uncountable. So when it happens, be thankful - and move on.

And slowly, slowly, as you become more acquainted with the depth of silence, while you are working, doing something, the unknown guest may come suddenly and stand by your side.

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