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Chapter 11: Something Greater Is Possible

And then it becomes a family. If these twenty or thirty people come in a group, just separately, then they are seeking their own ends and the group is just like a crowd waiting at the airport for a plane to arrive. There are thirty people sitting together, but there is no inter-connecting link. They are all separate and it is just a jumbled-up crowd.

But when everybody is a sannyasin they are not a crowd, they are a group. That is the difference between a crowd and a group. A group is where each individual is related to the other in some way or other - a river flows there and you are all in the same boat. You are not seeking your goal, and the other is not seeking his - you are all seeking a common goal. It is not competitive, it is cooperative.

There is a vast difference - a family feeling of belonging to one goal; that you have a certain identity. It becomes a family, a community. A community or a family functions differently. The energy is multiplied and each person’s change will affect all. If one changes in a crowd, then only one changes. A crowd remains aloof, because each is an island in himself, not related to anybody else. In a family - and sannyas is a family - one changes, one goes higher, and he is related to others, so others are pulled up. It is an unknown force. By and by you will start feeling that when one member changes, everybody goes higher; everybody has become more confident, less resistant. One person’s realization of any insight is shared. It is a very unconscious process, but by and by, working with people you will become aware.

I have been talking to many types of gatherings. I have talked to crowds where each person is listening to me but there is no inter-relationship between the people. So it is as if I am talking to one person. There may be ten thousand people sitting there but I am talking to one person, because each person is one; there is no inter-link. That gave me the idea that this wouldn’t do.

Then I started creating a family. Now, when I talk to you, it is not that I am talking to one person; I am talking to a family. And I can see - it is so visible - that one person starts feeling high and suddenly the whole group feels the vibrations. One person starts smiling and suddenly the smile spreads; its ripples reach everybody. I can see that if there is someone sitting there who is not a sannyasin he becomes like an obstacle, the flow stops there. He is not part of the whole.

So this is going to be totally different. And these are the implications of sannyas, but one only becomes aware by and by. Good!

So(because there are so many people, if somebody has something to say, something that has happened, one by one you can come out.


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