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Chapter 27: Love Your Camel and Trust

Intelligence exists in many forms. The intelligence you are acquainted with is only one form of a multidimensional phenomenon - the human intelligence. But do you know, your body is also intelligent - apart from you. The body has its own wisdom. It does not ask you questions, “Now what to do? You have eaten food.” It does not ask you very essential questions: how to change this food into blood and how to change the dead cells in your body and replace them with living cells. It does not ask you even to please continue to breathe, continue the heartbeat. You are not needed. You can go anywhere, to a football match, or you can go to sleep; the intrinsic wisdom of the body continues to work.

And not only when you are alive! If you dig a grave - it should not be very ancient, otherwise you will find only a skeleton - a fresh grave, and you will be surprised that the man has grown a beard, his hair is longer, his nails are longer. And you know perfectly this man used to shave twice a day; has he forgotten completely? Even in the dead body a few functions continue; for example, the growth of the hair and the nails. They don’t depend even on your breathing, they have their own small area of intelligence.

The deeper one understands the intelligence of the body.one is simply amazed. Each cell - and you are made of millions of cells - each individual cell has its own intelligence and works intelligently. It is so amazing that not a single cell in any body anywhere in the world is an idiot. The man may be an idiot - he may even be Ronald Reagan, it does not matter. The cell functions intelligently, goes on functioning, without any concern about your participation or consultation.

The trees go on growing - they have their own intelligence, they have their own sensitivity. And now instruments are available which can calculate the emotions and the sentiments of trees. They are just like cardiograms: you attach the instrument to the tree and you see a graph like a cardiogram makes. It is very harmonious, the tree is perfectly at ease, and then suddenly comes a woodcutter, from far away. And as the tree sees the woodcutter with his axe the graph immediately changes to make a very fearful pattern; all smoothness of the graph disappears.

The tree is freaking out! You may not hear it, because our languages are different, but the tree is sending messages. And other trees around can also be attached to these instruments - when one tree freaks out, other trees immediately start freaking out. You don’t hear, but the other trees hear; they know each other’s language.

And the same man - and this has been the most puzzling part - the same man with his axe may be passing by with no desire to cut the tree, and then the graph remains smooth, rhythmic, with no fear. It seems the tree is not only aware of you, it is also aware of your intentions. Its wisdom seems to be far deeper than ours, because if somebody is coming with a sword it does not mean that you will be certain whether he is going to cut your head, or just going on his way. But the tree somehow feels the intention of the person.

And when the gardener comes, the graph immediately changes. The graph immediately becomes a dance.the tree is so full of joy that the gardener has come, who has been his life source, who has been his friend, who has been always taking care of the tree.

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