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Chapter 9: Transformation through Awareness

It is thought by people of very poor intelligence that only when you stab another person’s chest does it become violence. The violence of staring at a person in a particular way can become more violent than stabbing his chest. Violence can happen even if you do not look at somebody at all. It is not only a question of seeing violently: if you are passing on a road and if I pass by without looking at you, as if you are just a small fry, as if you are a nonentity.. Big leaders walk that way on the road. They are walking as if people walking around them are just worms.

Do you think that our new education and educational institutions will ever be able to solve this problem?

First, try to understand what I am telling you. It is more valuable that you become fully aware of the fact that you are violent. It is not a question of achieving nonviolence: one has to realize what one is now, today, this moment. If I can rightly see that I am violent for all the twenty-four hours..It is not that you become sometimes violent and sometimes nonviolent; there is a continuity in your being. Whatsoever you are, you remain the same for almost twenty four hours sometimes appearing a little less violent, sometimes appearing a little more violent; sometimes manifestly violent, sometimes violent in disguise. Nevertheless, you do remain what you are. A violent person will remain violent in all his doing. Even when he is praying, if you can look within his heart, he will be found to be violent. Even when he is giving charity, if you can look within his mind, he will be doing violence. While giving charity somebody’s poverty is not a matter of importance for him, but when he is giving charity it is he who is giving, who is important, not the one who is receiving it. While giving charity also his ego is getting nourished. Whatsoever that violent person does will be violent.

Therefore, what I want to tell you is that it is not necessary to make nonviolence a goal. It was an old trick, but it has failed. It has caused great harm. What is necessary is to know what I am, know it and recognize it. What am I today? What am I now? If my recognition of this becomes quite clear, I do not have to do anything else. The more clearly I see that violence is existing every moment in me, the deeper will be my understanding.

The moment I see violence as violence, violence will become impossible. Violence will disappear. My sitting, standing, eating, drinking, walking, speaking, meeting everything, all my gestures will change. I will not have to change it; I will not change anything, keeping nonviolence as a goal before me. I should just recognize that violence exists in me, and the transformation will happen. It is understanding that changes. Just as the changes happen, I will know that violence is disappearing. When violence disappears, what remains is nonviolence. It means that nonviolence is not a goal which is to be reached tomorrow. If today violence disappears from my mind, then today nonviolence is achieved this very moment.

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