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Chapter 2: Just Be Indifferent to the Mind

And once a deer had come in and found people who were nonviolent, they became so friendly that sometimes they started creating trouble. You would be driving and they would stand just in front of your car. You could go on honking your horn and they would behave just like your wife - they were not going to move. They knew that you would not hurt them, even by hitting them with the car. You had to get out and push them to the side.

But the politicians of Oregon became very much disturbed, because people who had the same kind of land had lived for centuries in poverty. They could not believe what kind of miracle had happened that we were working so hard, and still we had energy enough in the night to dance and sing and enjoy.

My attorney in America, Niren, is here. Just the other day he told me that now the politicians who destroyed the commune illegally, without any reason, are repenting. They are repenting because.the attorney general of Oregon, Frohnmeyer, was the number one enemy of the commune. He was supported by the whole state of Oregon just because he was opposing us, and the stupid fellow could not understand that once we were gone his support would also be gone. Now he has been defeated.

The governor of Oregon, Atiyeh, was also getting support from people because he was against us. As far as I am concerned, I will say they were amateur politicians. They did not understand a small thing: they should have continued harassing us, but not destroyed the commune. The whole of Oregon’s population would have been behind them.

Now Atiyeh is gone. These two men destroyed the commune, and the day the commune was destroyed and closed, I told people: “These politicians will repent because they are in power because of us. Once we are gone, their power will be gone too.”

Frohnmeyer, the attorney general, was hoping to become governor; there was so much support. Now he is not even the attorney general. Somebody else has defeated him. And when we were there a very competent man - far more educated in law, has many degrees, PhD’s and DLitt’s in law - was defeated by Frohnmeyer only on one point: because that man was not against us. He made a political mistake by making a statement that “I don’t see why these people should be harassed. They are not doing any harm to anybody.” And that became the cause of his defeat. Against that man, Frohnmeyer was nowhere close - the man was an authority on law. But Frohnmeyer was victorious in the election. And now they are all gone. It is a very strange world.

In Oregon there is a law that if somebody lives there for twenty days, he becomes able to participate in the voting. They were afraid of us, so they were changing the law, which for more than a hundred years they had never thought of changing. For that, seventy-five percent of the peoples’ signatures were needed.

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