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Chapter 35: The Purity of Awareness

The boy looked at me. I was the first man to whom his parents had taken him who had given him self-respect, dignity. Others were all telling him, “You are crazy. There are no flies.”

I said, “You are all crazy. I can see his flies.”

The father and the mother both became disturbed.where had they come? Now I was going to strengthen the idea of the boy even more. But it was too late. I said, “You sit down. You have been torturing him unnecessarily. First, he’s being tortured by these two flies, and you are taking him all around. You have been humiliating him.”

First, I talked to the boy’s parents, and convinced the boy that I was absolutely with him. He said, “You are the first man who knows something about these deeper problems.”

I said, “I absolutely agree with you. You have been tortured by these two flies, so we will take them out.”

He said, “It will be very difficult because they go on changing their place.”

I said, “You don’t be worried.”

I took him inside the room, left the parents outside and told him to lie down. Because I was absolutely favorable to him, he listened to me. He lay down, and I told him to close his eyes and watch those flies - where they were going - so that he would have an exact idea where they were. “When they are very close to your mouth, I will pull them out.”

He said, “That seems to be logical. They have entered from the mouth.”

So I put him on the bed with his eyes closed, and I rushed all over the house to find two flies. It was a difficult job and it was just by chance.Hindu women use coconut oil for their hair - which is a dirty habit. You can smell from far away that a Hindu woman is coming close. And I had seen dead flies many times in their bottles of coconut oil, so I rushed around looking for a coconut oil bottle. And by chance, I found not only two, but three flies.

Strangely, it seems almost every coconut oil bottle catches these flies - they go in and they get caught, they cannot fly. When they are in the bottle, taking a holy dip in the coconut oil, then they cannot fly - their wings get sticky. And particularly if it is winter time, then the coconut oil becomes solid. It was winter time, so it was very easy for me to take those three flies.

I cleaned them, washed them, brought them in, and I told the boy, “Keep your eyes on the flies - where are they?”

And he said, “They are very close. They are just near my throat.”

I said, “This is the moment. Open your mouth.” And as he opened his mouth, I took the flies out of his mouth which I already had in my hands. I told him, “You were wrong, there were not two, there were three.”

He said, “My God! You are the right person.” I showed him three flies. He said, “It feels so peaceful inside - no buzzing, no flies.”

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