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Chapter 6: Grace Is Being Herenow

When a psychology starts entering into the subjectivity of humanity, it becomes a technique of meditation. Then it is no more concerned with the behavior, it is no more concerned with the act, it is no more concerned with the symptoms. It is more concerned with the very source of it all. And by changing the source, all is changed. Without changing the source, you can go on changing everything and nothing basically is ever changed.

Without changing the source, all is just patchwork. Somebody becomes ill - mentally ill - what does it show? It simply shows that some root in that man’s being is rotten; somewhere in the source there is poison. You patch him up; you do something on the surface. You analyze his behavior and his dreams, and you try to understand his problem objectively, from the outside. You watch and you try to patch up. Yes, it can be done. The illness can be stopped from one point, but sooner or later it will assert itself from another point, because the source poison has not been changed yet. Only the symptom has been treated, not the disease itself.

The same goes on in medicine too. You have a headache? They will give you aspro. Aspro is not a cure, it simply makes you unaware of the symptom. The aspro does not destroy the headache; it simply does not allow you to know about it. It confuses you The headache remains there but you are no more aware of it. It creates a kind of oblivion.

But why in the first place was the headache there? Ordinary medicine does not bother about it. If you go to a doctor he is not going to be bothered why in the first place you have the headache. You have the headache! - the problem is simple for him: “The symptom is there, take this medicine - some drug, some chemical - and that symptom will disappear.” The headache may disappear and you may have a disturbed stomach the next day; another symptom has come up.

Man is one; man is a totality - an organic unity. you can push a problem from one side, it will assert itself from another side. It may take time to come to the other side, to travel to that point, but it is bound to come. And then pushed from that side it moves to another side.and man has many sides. It goes on being pushed from one corner to another.

Out of all this you become more and more ill rather than healthy. And sometimes it happens that a very small disease becomes a big disease. For example, if the headache is not allowed, and the stomachache is not allowed, and the backache is not allowed, and no ache is ever allowed.immediately the ache comes and you take something and you stop it. If for years together you go on with this repression - this is repression - then one day all that disease gathers together, asserts itself in a more organized way. It can become cancer. All that has gathered together and now it asserts itself almost like an explosion.

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