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Chapter 23: A Very Creative Chaos

It is something of tremendous importance that they were so much concerned. The reason is that in their presence they had persuaded the disciples to repress every natural instinct. Sex has to be repressed and they have to be celibate. Under their influence and charismatic personality people had accepted something absolutely unnatural. Only an impotent man can be celibate. And no impotent man has been known to become enlightened - not yet. He has no energy in him. Enlightenment will need a tremendous explosion of energy. He cannot even create a child; how can he create himself in a totally luminous way?

So no impotent man has ever become enlightened. And all the people who became enlightened were really over-sexual. In fact, their over-sexuality was one of the causes for their enlightenment. They had so much energy that the woman was not enough. Many women were also not enough. They had such a great energy that they wanted to make love to the whole of existence itself. And that’s what enlightenment is. It is an orgiastic experience with existence itself.

Are you enlightened?


How enlightened? Are you very enlightened?

There are no quantities in enlightenment; either you are enlightened or you are not enlightened.

I wanted to ask you a question as far as other religions.

No, I have not answered your first question. You had asked me what I think about these people after I am gone. I am not even thinking now, when I am here.

I am giving them total freedom. I have not enforced anything on them that will make me afraid, that once I am gone these celibates are going to create trouble! I have not repressed anything. If they want to smoke, I tell them to smoke the best cigar possible - don’t go for anything second rate. If you want to love, find the best man, the best woman, and go into it as totally as possible. I am in support of expression and all the so-called religions were in support of repression. When you repress people you are certainly afraid that when you are gone there is going to be chaos.

That problem does not exist for me. When I am gone there is going to be no chaos, because chaos was all that I have been training my people for. My commune is a chaos - and yet a very organic chaos, a very creative chaos, a chaos out of which stars are born. That’s why that kind of question becomes very difficult for me to answer. I am not giving them any discipline, any rules of conduct; I am simply teaching them to be aware, alert, to be independent. Take your responsibility and do whatsoever you want to do. Don’t bother about Moses or Jesus or Buddha, or me.

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