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Chapter 26: Your Existence Is Just a Carbon Copy

When I was there, God was not there. When I evaporated, in that space a new quality - I call it godliness - a new presence, a new light, a new love, which belonged to eternity, slowly, slowly became more and more clear to me.

I used to be a house; now I am a temple.

Everything from the outside has remained the same, but inside the sacred has descended.

So what you are feeling is absolutely the truth. On one hand I am absent, on another hand I am too much presence. If you can allow yourself just a little bit of space, my presence will enter into you. But you are so full of yourself that there is no way for God to enter in you, and you are keeping all your windows and doors closed out of fear that something from within you may fall out, may disappear, may be stolen; and there is nothing but crap.

The spiritual revolution can be reduced to a simple maxim:

You disappear and let God be.

You cannot find God. You and God cannot coexist. If you exist, you are filling the whole space - and you are a false entity. Your name is false, whatever opinions you have collected about yourself are just opinions of people who themselves are fast asleep.

When I left the university, I approached the education minister directly, and I told him, “These are my qualifications: I have been top in my subject in the whole university; I need an appointment in a university.”

He said, “This is strange. No application, nothing - you have just come directly to me.”

I said, “In the application you would not have been able to feel me. I have come because my qualifications are just acquired from the outside, they are not inborn. I want you to face my inborn qualities.”

There was a moment of silence. He said, “I can see and I can understand; but still the formalities have to be fulfilled.”

So I said, “Just give me a piece of paper and I will write the application.”

He said, “The application alone will not do; you have to attach a character certificate. Have you brought a character certificate?”

I said, “That is one of the most difficult things, because I have not come across a man to whom I can give a character certificate; how can I ask him to give me a character certificate?”

He said, “This is very difficult, but without a character certificate the formalities will not be fulfilled.”

Then I said, “I can write a character certificate myself, because who knows me more than I know myself? My vice-chancellor was giving me a character certificate, I refused because I know the man - he has no character at all. And what is the meaning of having a character certificate from a man who has no character at all?

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