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Chapter 3: Wisdom Is an Awakening

They have substituted marriage for love. Marriage is a plastic thing. It can be beautiful if it comes as a consequence of love, but the priests have managed: they say, “First marriage, then love.” Then love never happens. They have stopped your most significant part, your heart, from functioning. After marriage you may start liking the woman or the man because you live together, just as brothers like sisters and sisters like brothers - but there can be no poetry, no thrill, no ecstasy. Love will move on plain ground. It will not know any peaks, it will not be acquainted with orgasmic peaks.

And exactly like this, they have been substituting every real thing with something unreal. Marriage is synthetic, it is man-made. Love is God-made. Love happens, marriage is manufactured. Beware of all that is manufactured by man I It looks like the real thing and it is not; it is only a pretension. It only creates hypocrisy and nothing else, and you cannot pretend for long. Sooner or later the pretension wears out and then you are left in misery.

I have heard.

A little boy and his sister put on their parents’ clothing.

They went next door and knocked. When the neighbor answered it they said, “Mr. and Mrs. Brown have come to call.” Taking it all in her stride, the neighbor lady said, “Please do come in, Mr. and Mrs. Brown. Will you join me in some refreshments?”

After serving them milk and cookies, the lady asked, “Care for anymore?”

“Thank you, no,” replied the little girl. “We must be going home now - Mr. Brown just wet his pants.”

How long can you pretend? Sooner or later you will have to face the reality. And you are just using clothes, you are not Mr. Brown. Sooner or later you will wet your pants - and it is going to be sooner than later.

Man is living in hypocrisy, in utter hypocrisy. You are not what you think you are, you are not what others say you are, you are not what you believe you are. This is the most fundamental strategy of creating a prison.

You are living in a hypocrisy; that is your slavery, and every real thing has been substituted. For example, consciousness has been substituted with character. Character is man-made, consciousness is divine. A conscious person has no character at all. A conscious person is utterly characterless, he need not have character. Character is a very poor thing. A conscious man lives by his consciousness; his consciousness is his character. He need not depend on any outer discipline, he has inner light to live by. He responds moment to moment, not out of a certain dead habit which is called character. He responds moment to moment as the situation demands. He is conscious, he has not decided beforehand what to do and what not to do. That’s what character is: deciding beforehand what to do, what not to do, creating an automatic reaction in yourself, becoming mechanical. That’s what character is all about.

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