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Chapter 28: Just by Chance

Sheela called the people of Oregon bigots. Do you agree with her?

Everybody in this world is a bigot, and I don’t think Oregon is not part of this world. Bigot simply means that you are a Christian, you are a Hindu, you are a Mohammedan, you are a communist, you are belonging to this ideology or that ideology. You have already come to a conclusion, and you look at every new thing through the curtain of your conclusion; that is to be a bigot. It is very difficult to find a man who is not a bigot.

I am not a bigot because I have no ideology, no principles. I’m an agnostic, just a seeker, a searcher.

So Oregon is not in any way special in being bigots. It is just the characteristic of all human beings around the world. So don’t take it seriously.

Do you plan to stay in Oregon?

I love it, and I’m going to be here and I’m going to make it as beautiful as possible and as little bigoted as possible.

There had been some reports that you own some property in other countries - Australia for example - and the possibility of you packing up and leaving and going to that country.


Not true? You talked about the constitution of the United States today.

Mm mmm.

The government of the state of Oregon says that Rajneeshpuram is not a legal city because of the conflict between church and state constitutionally. Do you intend to continue the fight to keep that city as an incorporated city?

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