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Chapter 7: From Robopathology to Awareness

These are the characteristics of this disease. Ponder over them - because they are your characteristics, everybody’s. Until you become enlightened these characteristics will follow you like a shadow. We can define enlightenment as getting out of robopathology, becoming consciousness for the first time, dropping the mechanical, no longer being identified with the mechanical, becoming a witness, awareness, awakenedness.

The first characteristic is sleep. You will find the robopath always asleep. He walks, but he walks in sleep. He talks, but he talks in sleep. He does many things, he has become perfectly efficient in doing the ordinary things of life. But watch yourself and watch people. You go on doing the same thing again and again. By and by there is no need to be alert about those things, you can simply do them. You need not be there.

When you first start learning to drive you have to be there for a few days. That’s why it is so troublesome to learn anything - because to learn anything you will have to come out of your sleep a little bit at least. Otherwise, how will you learn?

Robopaths are never interested in new things. Once they have learned a few things they go on moving in that vicious circle. Every morning is the same, every evening is the same. Every time they eat or they talk or they make love, it is the same. They are not needed there at all. They don’t do anything through consciousness, they go on making empty gestures. That’s why there is so much boredom in life. How can you remain thrilled by constantly repeating the old? This is the first characteristic - sleep.

The second characteristic is dreaming - part of sleep. A robopath continuously dreams - not only in the night, even in the day. He has daydreams, reveries. Even while he is doing something, deep inside he is dreaming. You can find that any time. Close your eyes any time and look inside and you will find a dream unfolding. It is constantly there. It is like the stars - in the day they don’t disappear, they only become invisible because the light of the sun is too bright. But the stars are there, the full sky is there as it is in the night - exactly as it is in the night. When the sun is gone you will see those stars appearing again. They have not gone anywhere, they were there just waiting for the sun to go.

In the night you start seeing dreams. Those dreams don’t disappear in the day; because you become involved in a thousand and one things in daily, routine life, they go on lurking deep in the unconscious. You can find them any moment. Close your eyes, wait a single moment, and the dream is there. Sleep is constantly there. Your eyes are full of sleep and your mind is full of dreaming.

And the third characteristic is ritualism. A robopath remains in rituals, he never does anything through his heart. He will say “hello” because he has to say it or because he has always been saying it. His hello will not have any heart in it. He will kiss his wife, but it will be just repeating an empty gesture. There is no kiss in his kiss. He will embrace somebody, but only bones will touch and skin will touch - he will remain as far away as ever. He is not there. You can be certain about one thing - he is not there.

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