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Chapter 16: This Is Far Out

For the first time it is possible through contraceptives and birth control methods and sterilization that the woman can free herself from getting pregnant unnecessarily carrying the long, long burden of giving birth to children, then raising them up. Her energies can be freed. Now she can also become a Buddha, a Zarathustra, a Jesus, a Krishna. Now she can also create like Mozart, Wagner, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Kalidas, Rabindranath, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Gorky, Dostoevsky.

And my feeling is: once the energies of the women are freed totally from giving birth to children she may be able to create greater buddhas. Why? - because she is a far more creative force than man. But her creativity has remained confined to giving birth to children, and that is not much of a creativity - it is just biological. Animals are doing it perfectly well, so what is great about it? Giving birth to a child is not anything conscious, deliberate, meditative. You are just being used by nature, by biology as a means to propagate the race, the species.

That’s why there is a certain undercurrent of guilt in everybody, even without the priest. The priest has used it, exploited it, but he has not really created it. There is an underlying guilt about sex; priests have magnified it very much because it became a source of great exploitation for them. They could dominate man more powerfully by making him feel guilty. But there must be a cause within man himself, otherwise without any background inside him no guilt can be imposed upon him. Man feels it deep down in a subtle way, in an unconscious way - he knows. It is vague, hidden behind layers of mist, but it is there: that sex is not something conscious, it is unconscious, that it is mechanical, that you are being used as a means, that you are not the master, that it is a biological force, that it is not really you who are wanting a woman or a man, it is just the hormones.

That’s why we can change a man into a woman - and a man can be changed into a woman or a woman into a man just by changing a few of their glands. So that’s what sex is all about - a few glands. Once your hormonal system is changed, a man becomes a woman, a woman becomes a man, there is not much difference. There are two sides of the same biology. And when you know that you are being used and you find yourself incapable of getting rid of this slavery, a guilt arises that you are not being man enough, that you are not really a master, you are a slave. Hence we hide sex.

For thousands of years man has been making love in darkness, in the night, behind the doors, for the simple reason that it looks so ridiculous making love under the sky in the sun, and people watching. You will feel so embarrassed, you will look so ugly. Even in the darkness the woman has more sense of grace - she immediately closes her eyes; while making love she never opens her eyes. Even in darkness she is afraid to see the face of the man because he looks so animal-like. He IS like an animal!

Sex is an animal act. That’s what I mean when I say that sex for reproduction is sinful; the word sin is not used in any moralistic sense. I am simply saying it is sinful because it is unconscious, unmeditative. You are not doing it, you are forced to do it by some unconscious forces.

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