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Chapter 11: Only a Meditator Can Be a Lover

One of the most significant findings was that women have a capacity of multiple orgasm. A man has the capacity of only a single orgasm. The difference is so great that once a woman knows what orgasm is, no man can satisfy her.

Perhaps that is the reason why for centuries the woman has not been allowed to have even a single orgasmic experience. It was easy to avoid it, because the woman has no vaginal orgasm; hence she can produce children without orgasm. Man can make love to a woman and yet prevent the orgasmic experience happening to her.

She has a totally different organ, the clitoris, which has nothing to do with making love. It is a separate growth. So one can become a mother of a dozen children and not know at all the experience of sexual climax, because the vagina is absolutely insensitive. It has to be insensitive for the simple reason that the child has to be born - if the vagina was sensitive, childbirth would be an absolutely unbearable pain. Even though the vagina is not sensitive, childbirth is still a great pain.

It is natural and very logical and scientific that the vagina should be insensitive, so that when the child is born the woman is not in much pain. The pain depends on your sensitive organs. The vagina is a blind spot; on the body you have many blind spots. You will be surprised to know that inside your skull where the brain is placed, it is absolutely insensitive. One would never have thought that the brain is our most significant organ and it is in a place, inside the skull, which is absolutely insensitive.

It was found in the first world war that a man got shot in his head, and by some mistake the bullet was never removed from his head. The wound healed and the bullet remained inside his skull. And he was not even aware that he was carrying a bullet in his brain. It was only because he was suffering from migraine - he again and again reported about having migraines and no medicine was working.

Finally, some doctor thought about having him x-rayed, because he saw the wound that had healed - perhaps the migraine had something to do with the wound. And when they x-rayed him, they could not believe their eyes: there was a bullet inside the brain. The skull was opened up again and the bullet was taken out, and the migraine disappeared. But the man had no sensitivity to the bullet.

After that, many experiments proved that this too is part of nature’s great strategy. Because mind has seven hundred centers which control everything in your body, if the inside of your skull was sensitive, life would become impossible. Just any small thing happens in the body and you would be troubled, because the mind would go into a turmoil - you would become sensitive to it.

So much is happening inside of which you are not aware. And it is for your sake that you are not allowed to be aware. When you eat, as the food passes down your throat, you don’t know how it is digested, how it is transformed into its basic elements. You don’t know how it is changed into blood, into bones, into nerves, into brain cells - into a thousand and one things that are needed by the body.

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