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Chapter 16: Innocence Regained

You should be happy and rejoice in your childhood. This is what Jesus meant when he said again and again, “Unless you are born again.” Even Christians have not got the meaning of his statement. They think literally that “unless you are born again” means that first you will have to die, and then you will be born, and on the judgment day Jesus will take you into paradise. That is not the meaning of the man.

What he is saying is: Unless you die right now as a personality and emerge as an innocent individuality, unscratched, unpolluted by the society and the people.. This is your new birth, this is resurrection.

Enjoy your divine childhood, and when it is the right time I will scare you! You are too new; the childhood is not yet absolutely settled, and you can misunderstand if I scare you. Just wait.! That moment will also come. Right now your whole concern should be getting deeper into childhood.

I don’t scare anybody except Avirbhava, because she has a quality of a child. I don’t know why. Perhaps her father is dead, her mother is dead.I feel a tremendous feeling for her - and she is utterly innocent. So once in a while - not once in a while, almost every day - whenever I have the chance and she is close by, I try to do my best.

“I don’t want your son, Ernie, swimming in our pool anymore” says Mrs. Meyer to her neighbor, Mrs. Jones.

“But what has my poor little Ernie done?” asks Mrs. Jones.

“He is constantly peeing in the pool,” says Mrs. Meyer angrily.

“Don’t be so hard on him,” says Mrs. Jones, “all children of his age do that!”

“Maybe they do,” says Mrs. Meyer, “but not from the diving board.”

Childhood has its beauties, because it does not know the etiquette, the manners, and all kinds of crap. It is so simple and so innocent and so spontaneous.

A man walked into a bar and was amazed to see a dog sitting at a table with three men playing poker. The man went over and asked, “Can that dog really read his cards?”

“Sure he can,” said one of the men. “But he’s not much of a player. Whenever he draws a good hand he wags his tail!”

That is absolutely innocent.the poor dog cannot contain his joy.

Two cockroaches were munching delicacies on top of a garbage pile when one of them began telling of some new tenants in the nearby apartments.

“I hear,” he said, “that their refrigerator is spotless, their floors are gleaming, and there is not a speck of dust in the whole place.”

“Please, please,” said the other cockroach, “not while I’m eating!”

Such bad news.!

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