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Chapter 41: Distributing Health

The magician walked up and down the staircase and then whispered in the ear of the man, “You stop tearing papers; otherwise I will kick you down from the top.” And he was a strong man.

“So take heed, because I don’t believe in psychoanalysis or anything, I simply believe in kicking. And I kick people from this place, then they go rolling down hundreds of steps to the road. Now you can go home; just remember that I have only one trick. When any kind of mentally sick person is brought to me, I cure him. That’s why I have been walking with you up and down these steps, to show you what it means when I kick you. Now just go home and remember it! Next time I will not say anything, I will simply do it.” And the man understood it; anybody would have understood it.

They have left that part out of the joke and destroyed the beauty of it. The man must have been enjoying just a childish thing, tearing papers into bits, into pieces, and throwing them all over the place. And it became an enjoyment because everybody was puzzled. It was simply a childish phenomenon. The man was retarded; he did not need any psychoanalysis. He needed a good kick - that was the language that he understood immediately.

In many ways we go on thinking about simple things in complex ways. All of our problems are mostly very simple, but the mind confuses you. And there are people to exploit you - they make your problem even more complex.

Once, a boy was brought to me. He must have been sixteen or seventeen years old, and his family was puzzled, harassed - although there was no need for anybody to be harassed - because the boy went on saying that two flies have entered into his belly, and they go on moving inside, throughout his body.“now they are in the head, now they have come in the hand.”

He was taken to doctors, physicians, and they said, “It is not a disease.” He was X-rayed, and there were no flies or anything. They tried, “You don’t have any flies.”

But he said, “How can I believe you? They are moving all around inside my body. Should I believe my experience or your explanation?”

Just by chance somebody suggested me to the parents. They brought the boy; I heard the whole story. The boy was looking very reluctant, stubborn, because he was getting tired of this doctor, that doctor - and they all were saying, “There are no flies.”

I said, “You have brought him to the right man. I can see the flies. The poor boy is suffering, and you have been telling him that he is stupid.” The boy relaxed. I was favorable.for the first time, a man who has accepted his idea of the flies.

I said, “I know how they have entered. He must be sleeping with an open mouth.”

He said, “Yes!”

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