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Chapter 19: The Secrets and Mysteries of Existence Are Infinite

Religions have decided to remain only moralities. They are ethical codes; they are useful for society, but not useful for you, not useful for the individual. They are conveniences created by society. Naturally, if everybody starts stealing, life will become impossible; if everybody starts lying, life will be become impossible; if everybody is dishonest, you cannot exist at all. So on the very lowest level morality is needed by society; it is a social utility, but it is not a religious revolution.

Don’t be satisfied by just being good.

Remember, you have to come to a point where you need not even think about what is good and what is bad. Your very awareness, your very consciousness simply takes you towards that which is good - there is no repression. I would not call Mahatma Gandhi a religious man, only a good man - and he tried really hard to be good. I do not suspect his intentions, but he was obsessed with goodness.

A religious man is not obsessed with anything - he has no obsession. He is just relaxed, calm and quiet, silent and serene. Out of his silence whatever blossoms is good. It is always good - he lives in a choiceless awareness.

That is the meaning of your name, Veet Mano: Go beyond the ordinary concept of a good man. You will not be good, you will not be bad. You will be simply alert, conscious, aware, and then whatever follows is going to be good. In a different way I can say that in your total awareness you attain to the quality of godliness - and good is only a very small by-product of godliness.

Religions have been teaching you to be good, so that one day you can find God. That is not possible; no good man has ever found godliness. I am teaching just the reverse: find godliness and good will come on its own accord. And when good comes on its own accord, it has a beauty, a grace, a simplicity, a humbleness. It does not ask for any reward here or hereafter. It is its own reward.

About four years ago I was in a space which I always remember as “paradise on earth.” It felt as if I’d arrived home. Being in such deep and sweet relaxation and love, I felt as if I had fallen deep inside myself.
Beloved Osho, why is it so difficult for me to let myself rejoice like that again?

The very memory is preventing you from getting back into the same space again. Remember one thing: in life, nothing repeats itself. And the moment you become addicted to a certain idea, a certain memory, you are living in the past - which is dead - and you are always comparing everything that is happening now, with a past memory. You want it to happen again, but you have forgotten one thing. When it happened, you were not wanting it to happen; it happened without your wanting, without your desiring, without your even being aware that it was going to happen. Out of nowhere, suddenly it descended upon you.

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