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Chapter 5: Enlightenment Is Your Nature

Go with the unknown, go with the new. Always remember: if there is a choice between the old and the new choose the new. However dangerous it is, however insecure it is, choose the new, and you will be always moving closer and closer to God. Choose the old, and you will be moving away from God. Choose the old mind and you will sooner or later become destructive. These are the only two ways to live: either be creative or be destructive. There is no other possibility, there is no third possibility. If your energies are not moving into creation they will still be moving, but then they will become destructive: destruction is creativity standing on its head, something has gone wrong, something has taken a wrong turn.

All destructive people could have been great creators but if the energy is not allowed, if you become afraid and frightened with the new.. And when creativity possesses you it is fearful. It looks terrible, it is a kind of tremendum. It takes you so far away from the known and the familiar, it takes you to the uncharted sea without a map; it is dangerous, one shrinks back from it.

But once you start shrinking back from it, what will you do with the energy that God goes on pouring into you? Something has to be done; the energy cannot wait, the energy needs expression. So if you avoid creativity you will become destructive.

Whenever creativity calls you, go with it; it is God calling you.

The second question:

Why is there so much misunderstanding in the world?

Because people are unconscious, because people are fast asleep, because people are robots. Communication is impossible; you say something, something else will be understood - there is no way to communicate. The only way to communicate is in love, through silence, but nobody knows how to be in love and nobody knows how to be in silence.

Only in love and silence, communication is possible. But we are not in love and we are not silent, we are so full of knowledge, that’s why communication is impossible. Language is one of the reasons why there is so much misunderstanding in the world. There is no misunderstanding in animals and in trees and in birds, because language does not exist. They are fortunate - they don’t know anything about language, so they communicate in love, in silence. Their dumbness is a great blessing to them. Man is the only animal who is not dumb, who can speak, and this very phenomenon is a problem.

There is an existential principle: Existence precedes essence. A simple statement that you are born first, that you are born without any intrinsic nature, that you are born tabula rasa: nothing is written on you, writing comes later on. You are born as pure existence with no essence, with no built-in program, with no destiny. You come into the world not knowing who you are; you are nobody, a pure emptiness, and then by your acts, by your doings, you start to define yourself. Essence comes later on by your own effort. A simple statement and a beautiful statement..

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