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Chapter 8: From Idiotocracy to Meritocracy

I have seen education ministers who have never been to university. Before they became education ministers they had never even seen a university campus. Yes, after becoming education minister they start giving convocation addresses to the universities. Universities start giving them degrees, honorary degrees, because actually they are not even matriculates. A few of them can only sign their signature, and a few of them even cannot do that; they have to make their signature by the mark of their thumb on the paper.

It happened; one man has recently became education minister in Madhya Pradesh; he is utterly uneducated, but rich, clever, cunning. And he was inaugurating the state yearly game competitions.. It goes on for at least one month; the whole state, all the colleges, schools, universities participate. It is a small, miniature Olympics. In his first address after becoming the minister, he said, “There are three kinds of games: football, volleyball and the Olympics.” He had no idea even that the Olympics is not a game. And I don’t think he had any idea what football is and what a volleyball is.

So if somebody is going to be an education minister, then his qualifications should make him capable of being an education minister. He should have at least a master’s degree in education, first class; with less than first class nobody should be a minister on the state level. Yes, if he has better degrees - doctor of education, PhD in education - that is good, that will make him more qualified.

The attorney general should have at least the degree doctorate in law, an LLD; not less than that, because he is going to defend the law of the state, the rights of the citizens. He should have the best degree possible so he knows everything about it.

The governor should have the best of all the degrees possible for him: MA first class, PhD - his subject for PhD should be on political science - and at least one honorary degree, a DLitt or LLD.

For the federal government, a master’s degree will be the voter’s minimum qualification. A first class master’s degree and PhD should be the minimum for the candidates running for election. And the ministers should all have the highest degrees in the subjects for which they are going to be ministers. If it is education then the highest degrees available in the country; if it is going to be health, then the highest degrees available in the country.

The president should have at least two PhDs and one honorary DLitt or LLD; and the same for the vice-president because he can become president any day.

In this way mobocracy is destroyed. Then just because you are twenty-one it does not mean you are capable of choosing the government. Choosing the government should be a very skillful, intelligent job. Just by being twenty-one you may be able to reproduce children - it needs no skill, even animals are doing perfectly well. It needs no education, biology sends you well prepared. But to choose the government, to choose people who are going to have all the powers over you and everybody and who are going to decide the destiny of the country and the world.the way we have been choosing them is simply idiotic.

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