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Chapter 29: Just like Ripe Fruit

If America changes the power from the hands of the politicians to non-politicians, what the sociologist is saying can become possible - a world government, of immense richness. The question of power does not arise, only that of immense richness.

I told you that during three days we waste so much money for war preparations, that it is enough for one year’s food, clothing, shelter - every ordinary need - for the whole of humanity. Just in three days.and these figures are five years old - it may now be just one day. Every day we are wasting so much that the whole earth could live on it for one year comfortably.

If there is only one government, there is no need for war. With whom are you going to fight? Then the whole energy is released for creative purposes. Nobody needs to be poor, nobody needs to be without medicine, nobody needs to be without education. We can make this earth a living paradise. But the whole thing depends upon the American government. The mad dogs should be thrown out, they should not be in power anymore. They are the only danger in the world.

And American people are capable. Intelligent people just have to spread the message: “Let us have a non-political government. We will not choose any professional politician of this party or that party. All politicians have to be branded ‘criminal.’ We will not choose them, we will choose only non-political people - of some talent, of some genius.”

The whole thing depends on America because America is in a hurry to go into a third world war. Russia is not in a hurry, because Russia knows that sooner or later all poor countries are going to become communist. It is not a question of communism having to be imposed from the outside - communism is not to be imported; people are going to become communist by themselves. The world is going to be theirs without any war. So why fight? - just wait. Russia’s whole strategy is to prolong, to give time. And America is afraid of it because there is no way for America; as time goes on, America goes on losing its friends.

So the danger is from the White House in Washington. That is the most dangerous place on the earth today.

I don’t know whose idea it was to make it a white house.

It always reminds me of Mulla Nasruddin..

The road was empty except for a beautiful woman who was going to her home, and Nasruddin was following her. He was old, nearly ninety, and he was trying in every possible way to catch hold of the woman. Finally the woman turned, and she said, “Feel ashamed! Just look at your hair - it is all white, and you are trying to chase a young girl!”

Nasruddin said, “Believe me, my hairs are white but my heart is not - it is still black, as black as ever. In fact, I don’t know what is happening, it goes on becoming blacker and blacker. As I become older it is becoming blacker! First I used to think of other things also; now I think only of women. So don’t look at my hair, just look at my heart.”

This White House seems to have the blackest heart in the world.

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