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Chapter 14: Awareness Is My Successor

I know women who have been raped - and I have asked both parties - the man who was raping was also puzzled that the woman was cooperating, she was not screaming, shouting or doing something. Otherwise, if a woman is really against it, even her husband cannot make love to her - what to say about somebody else raping. She can bite, she can hit, she can throw stones, she can shout. She can do everything, but the poor animal cannot do anything. The poor animal cannot even understand what is happening. This is sheer abuse. Children are being sexually abused.

And the amazing part of the story is that in all Mohammedan countries - where there are more bachelor men than anywhere else because so many women are taken away by the richer people - death is the only penalty for homosexuality. On the one hand you are driving people towards homosexuality and on the other hand you make it the greatest crime, to be punished by death. You are putting such a pressure on people that they cannot even be homosexuals, so they are bound to move towards animals.

Nobody should try to make any guidelines for the future. The future is always open. I am not willing to be a participant in a crime which has been committed for thousands of years. I absolutely decline to stand with Buddha, Mahavira, Krishna, Mohammed, Jesus, Moses. No, that is not my company.

I want to make a complete breakthrough about everything, and this is one of the most fundamental things. Hidden in it there is a deep desire to dominate people, even when you are gone. To put it in other words, it is that the dead should be dominating the living. That’s what has been happening all around the world. The living are not given freedom even to choose their own course, to choose their own moralities, to choose, according to the time, what is right and what is wrong.

Those people were very much concerned, because they were writing, they were dictating rules and regulations in detail. In Buddhist scriptures there are 33,000 rules for a monk. People have come to seek freedom, they have come to seek truth. What they are getting is a strange psychological slavery in its place, and that too even for coming generations.

So when I am asked whether I am going to make somebody my successor, I say absolutely no. I am giving my people clarity, understanding, awareness. That is going to be my successor.

Every one of my sannyasins has to decide for himself. I have given him that much understanding. And I am making every effort to make him more and more conscious, so there is no need for him to be dictated to by people who are dead, about things which are absolutely new, which they had no idea about.

For example, none of those prophets had any idea about AIDS. We don’t know what else is going to be in the future, but none of those people could have given any guidelines about AIDS. In fact, they have given guidelines which are very dangerous. For example, Mohammed says that when there are a few Mohammedans eating together, they should eat from one plate. Now that is against AIDS.

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