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Chapter 9: Nothing Weaker than Water

After the child has taken his first breath the second phenomenon will arise in him - and now there is going to be a chain, and the whole chain has to be understood.

Thirst will arise. Then hunger will arise. Then there will be a need for physical activity. Then sex will arise. Then there will be a need for mental activity. Then love will arise. Then there will be a need for aesthetic activity: poetry, painting, music.. These are eight activities. And then the ninth, the last, arises: the need for spiritual activity - meditation, samadhi.

And this is the beauty of the whole phenomenon - that the ninth is again the first, because the ninth again pays attention to breath. The circle is complete. First is breath, ninth is again breath; that’s why no spiritual science can neglect breathing. Even God can be neglected - Buddhism does not believe in God, does not believe in soul - that can be neglected; but breathing cannot be neglected.

Mohammedans and Christians may be having different conceptions of God, Hindus again different, Jainas.but nobody can neglect breathing. Breathing is first and breathing is going to be last. Spiritual activity is coming back again to the first breath, to the original purity.

Now I would like to discuss all these phenomena, because that is your whole life.

First is breath, second thirst, third hunger. There are people who finish at the third, who think: eat, drink, be merry is all and all. Their life is not complete; they cannot feel fulfillment because the circle is not complete. Fulfillment means that you have completed the circle, the last has joined with the first - then there is fulfillment.

People who you find fulfilled are a circle, not a line. A line is always incomplete. All desires move in a line, that’s why no desire can ever be complete, because no desire moves in a circle. It is linear. It always moves, but is always incomplete.

Wherever you stop - ten thousand rupees or ten million rupees, it makes no difference; wherever you stop, you are hanging. The thing is not complete; something is missing. You can become rich, you can become very powerful, but it will not be contentment. Contentment is only when your life energy becomes a circle.

Have you watched how the whole existence moves in a circle? The seasons move in a circle, the stars move in a circle, suns and planets move in a circle, the whole moves circularly, as a wheel? In life, in existence, nothing is linear. Everything is circular. And if you want to live a life of the whole you have to follow the ways of the whole: move like seasons, move like stars. Become a circle. When I say become a circle I mean come back to the original source.

Breath, thirst, hunger - these are the first three steps. If you move only up to the third you have not entered the temple, you will be on the steps.

The fourth is physical activity. There are people who go up to the fourth. To them, physical activity becomes a sort of meditation.

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