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Chapter 26: Sympathy Is a False Coin

But religions were becoming prosperous, and people were engaged in this stupid game. They had no energy for any revolution against the politicians. They had no energy to go against the rich and create a classless society. Their whole mind became centered only on these two things.

That schizophrenic mind still remains. It has gone very deep into the unconscious of man. It is not only in Switzerland, it is the same all over the world. People who have all kinds of things - every pleasure is possible for them, and they are free from ordinary mundane work - can use this time and energy for inner growth, for the evolution of consciousness. But no, they are attached to their suffering or they are attached to making other people suffer, to making other people miserable.

Adolf Hitler is a sadist; he killed millions of Jews for no reason at all.

Mahatma Gandhi is a masochist; he tried to create suffering for himself as much as possible.

These people are all around. Everywhere these are the two kinds of people.

My effort is to bring in the third kind of human being - which is very difficult. Somebody is enjoying his own suffering, which looks absurd, but deep down he sees that this is the way to spirituality, there is nothing else to be done. And there are people who are making grounds for others to suffer; they are also thought to be great religious people.

In America I received a letter from the president of the Nazi party of America threatening me, “If you don’t stop criticizing Adolf Hitler, we are going to sue you in the court because it hurts our religious feelings.”

I was not aware of it. Perhaps you don’t know that Adolf Hitler, according to the letter, was no one but the Old Testament prophet Elijah reincarnated.

The more I have looked into human beings’ minds, the more I have found some kind of sickness has been given to you as heritage.

In Switzerland, when people are prosperous, why are they not inquiring about their selves, about the mystery of life? Why are they not entering inwards? Why are they not meditating, raising their consciousness to higher levels?

They are too much attached to their suffering; it is their old friend, and the friendship has gone very deep. It is centuries old, it is a heritage. Moreover, when you are in suffering, in anguish, people sympathize with you - and this supports your sick mind. People never sympathize with you if you are dancing, singing, playing on your guitar, rejoicing in life, loving your woman - nobody comes to sympathize with you. They inform the police that something has gone wrong: to be blissful is to be wrong.

But if you are suffering, if you are sad, miserable, then all the neighbors are so compassionate towards you. Why? Sympathy is a very cunning strategy. First, the people who are sympathizing with the suffering person are enjoying the fact that they are not suffering; and second, they feel you deserve it - “It is our kindness that we are sympathizing with you.” It gives them a great egoistic euphoria. It does not make them jealous of you.

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