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Chapter 11: Light, Life and Love

Ordinarily, when you enter a temple, outwardly you take a bath. You take a bath because dirt can be washed from the body and you can enter into the temple with a purer body - fresh, undirty, clean. But when you are really entering into the divine temple, your body is not entering, your consciousness is entering. You cannot bathe your consciousness with water, but consciousness can have a deep cleansing in inner light, and that deep cleansing means cleansing the dirt of all karma - all actions.

Whatsoever you have done, whatsoever you have been, whatsoever your past has been, it clings to you - just like dirt, just like dust, it clings to you. When you enter inner light it disappears. Why? - because the moment you enter that inner light, everything takes the velocity of light and nothing can remain. The dirt, the dirt of karmas, dissolves - all that you have done in all your lives. When you enter that realm everything becomes light, because with light in that velocity, nothing can remain anything else. So it is not simply a bath. All the karmas just disappear, they become light, and the consciousness is cleaned. It becomes fresh and young as it should be, as it is meant to be.

When all the karmas disappear - by “karmas” I mean the material dust that one accumulates through actions and desires and passions - when it disappears, the entity, the nucleus of ego disappears also because ego exists only as a collectivity of all the dust, of all the dirtiness, of all the impurities. It exists as a center. When everything disappears, ego disappears, and when ego disappears you are pure, clean, you are born anew. So to enter this inner light is to enter the inner fire.

Another thing: the light that is outside is constant, but it cannot be constant for you. The sun will rise and set. The sun itself never rises and never sets, but for the earth it rises and it sets; the night comes. So with outer light you cannot remain constantly in light. Only with inner light is there no rising and no setting. That’s why the sutra says, To be centered constantly.continuously. There is no night, there is no setting, because there is no rising. The light is there as your being, as your very existence. So to be constantly centered in this light is the bath. By “bath” is meant that everything to which one was clinging is just destroyed - not only destroyed, but transformed also. It becomes light itself.

This entry has three parts: first you will realize light; then you will realize a deep cleansing of your soul, of your being; and thirdly, you will realize the elixir, the nectar - the amrit - the immortality, the deathlessness of it, because once the ego dies you are deathless, once the karmas are washed away you are deathless, once you have entered deeper than life you are deathless.

Deeper than life, death cannot exist. Death exists parallel to life. It means the end of life. So life has two dimensions. One is just horizontal: you go from one moment of life to another moment of life, then another - A-B-C - in a sequence. Then ultimately, the Z is going to be the death. You move from A to B, from B to C, then to X-Y-Z. A is birth, Z is death, and you move from A-B-C-D horizontally. This is one movement - birth to death. Buddha says, “One who is born will have to die, because he is moving horizontally.” So death is a necessity on a horizontal plane.

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