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Chapter 6: The Christian Propaganda Machine

If they had depended simply on law, there would have been no way to destroy the commune. But they dropped all law, all Constitution, they were simply mad! And that madness is not part of a cultured religion. It is not civilization.

We have not thrown out the Christian missionaries from India. They go on converting people to the Catholic fold - but if people want to be Catholics, it is perfectly okay. It is their choice. The government has no objection; it has given freedom of religion.

The American Constitution also makes it clear that the state should not interfere in religious matters - but they interfered. They crushed and destroyed our commune.

Just now I have received a few pictures. Even after five years in the desert, the trees that we have planted there are so green, they have achieved such great height, and with such beautiful shade underneath. They are still waiting..

But the government has not only deported me for five years, it has also made arrangements for another five years’ suspended jail sentence. If I enter America after five years, they can put me in jail on any excuse - imaginary - and I will not have any recourse to appeal for five years. So, in fact, they have prevented me for ten years.

In ten years those trees won’t survive. Those three hundred peacocks in my garden, they have been catching them and selling them. They could get only one hundred and fifty, one hundred and fifty have escaped into the mountains. They will not be able to survive.

The dam needs continuous care. In ten years it will not be able to contain the overflow of water. We were continually on guard that no water overflows the dam. Once the water starts overflowing, soon the dam will be destroyed - and all the commune land is below the dam, so it will be flooded with water. That will destroy all the houses that we made for three thousand people to live in, all the roads that we created.

And we were not employing any laborers. Doctors, surgeons, professors, teachers - all kinds of educated people were creating roads, making houses, making gardens, lawns. We had one of the best hotels, with two hundred and forty rooms - a five-star hotel in the desert. The whole commune was centrally air-conditioned.. Now what will happen to all that?

Just a few months ago - a picture has been sent to me by a sannyasin.. They did not allow me to stay even one day after I was released. They told me that I had to leave immediately. They were afraid that if I stayed even one more day, there was a possibility I might be able to appeal to the high court, to the Supreme Court. Fifteen minutes.and my jet plane had been kept with the engine running, so that immediately I should be taken to the airport and taken out of America. I could not go back to the commune just to say good-bye to my people.

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