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Chapter 13: The Fragrance of Awareness

For example, why could Einstein come to feel mystery through mathematics? Mathematics is a logical dimension, it works through a particular logical pattern. For example, in mathematics A is A and B is B, and A can never be B, mm? This is a logical pattern. If A can be B and B can be A, then it will be a poetry, not mathematics. Mathematics needs clear lines, divisions - no fluidity. If A can flow and become B, then mathematics is impossible. A must be A and must remain A; B must be B and must remain B, only then can mathematics work. Divisions must be clear-cut. There should be no mixing and no confusion.

Einstein worked with mathematics, but beyond a certain point difficulties were felt. And for these fifty years, physics has felt such deep difficulties as never before. For example, fifty years ago, matter was matter, A was A; energy was energy, B was B. But during these fifty years, the more physics penetrated, the divisions began to be a confusing thing, and suddenly matter disappeared completely. It was found nowhere. Rather, on the contrary, it was found that this division between energy and matter was just false. Matter is energy. Then the whole mathematics, the whole logic which depended on the division, just dropped.

What to do with this nonmathematical penetration of existence? Now matter is no more! And remember, when matter is no more, your definitions of energy cannot remain the same, because in the old days energy meant that which is not matter. Now matter is no more, so what is energy? You might have heard the definition: “Mind is not matter, matter is not mind.” But now there is no matter, so what is the definition of “mind”?

When matter dropped, suddenly.mind dropped also. There was only energy, manifestations of the same energy with no division, and a fluidity entered into physics. Now A is not certainly A. The deeper you go into A, you find B there. The deeper you go into matter, there is energy. And many other things, many strange things, exploded.

We know that a particle is a particle and never a wave, that a wave is a wave and never a particle. But Einstein had to face a new, strange mystery. In the deeper realms of existence, a particle can sometimes behave like a wave - very unpredictable - and a wave can behave like a particle. It may be difficult, so it is good to understand it through geometry.

We know that a point is never a line. How can a point be a line? A line needs many points in succession: a point can never be a line. A line means many points in succession, so a single point cannot behave like a line, and a line cannot behave like a point - but they do. They do, not in geometry because geometry is man-made, but in existence they do. Sometimes a point behaves like a line and a line behaves like a point, so what to do? Then how to define what a point is and what a line is? Then definition becomes impossible, because a point can behave like a line, and when definition becomes impossible, the two things then are not two. Rather, Einstein says, “It is better to say x. Don’t say line, don’t say point, because they are irrelevant and meaningless. Say x exists. X sometimes behaves like a point and sometimes behaves like a line.” This x is again That: x means now you are not using a word; x means That.

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