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Chapter 4: At a Time Like This?

She said, “I saw a dream, and in the dream the figure 7 appeared three times. So I figured out that three times seven means twenty-eight.”

The husband was aghast. He said, “Then what happened?”

She said, “I purchased the ticket of the number twenty-eight and I won the lottery.”

The husband said, “But three times seven is not twenty-eight, it is twenty-one!”

The woman said, “Then you be the mathematician, but I have won the lottery!”

Who cares about mathematics? The real thing is the conclusion. She never tries to understand man - no woman ever tries - she understands already. In fact, they are always puzzled why men go on trying to understand women. For centuries man has been doing that. I think woman must have been the ancient-most subject of his inquiries - naturally; even before God he must have inquired about woman. In fact, it was the woman who got him into the whole trouble, not God. God may have created the world, but there was no trouble.

It was Eve who persuaded him to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge, which was forbidden. Man tried to argue that “It is forbidden. God has said not to go near to that tree, never to eat that fruit.” But the woman says, “God is prohibiting because he is afraid that if we eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge we will become as wise as God. He is jealous. Let us go and eat it.” And she seduced him.

God may have created the world, but the world we know is created by the woman.

If you watch the functioning of the woman’s mind you can see it clearly: it is impossible to understand it. The very effort to understand will drive you crazy.

It is not just accidental that Buddha escaped from his wife, Mahavira escaped from his wife. It was not the world really that was creating the trouble, because you cannot escape from the world. Where you will escape to? At the most you can escape from the woman who is driving you crazy. And Buddha must have been really frightened. His wife was one of the most beautiful women who has ever walked on the earth - another Cleopatra. Her name was Yashodhara. She was chosen from thousands of beautiful young women.

And the more beautiful a woman is, the more dangerous. The homely woman cannot drive you so much crazy, because she has not that much appeal either. The more appeal a woman has, the more driving force she has.

Buddha must have remained frightened. Even after his enlightenment he was frightened, because for many years he did not initiate any woman into his commune. Again and again women asked him, saying that “We want to be initiated, we also want to become your sannyasins!” But he refused, he simply refused. One woman has frightened him so much that he became afraid of all womankind.

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