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Chapter 20: The Power of the Mystic

Those three dozen security people keep all the idiots away. And I perfectly approve of it. If just by having guns, without even using them.. And I have told them not to use them unless it becomes necessary; and I will not let it become necessary.

Tomorrow, before the American embassy in India, ten thousand sannyasins are protesting - this is the beginning - that we are being mistreated. Every American embassy around the world will have to face the sannyasins. If anything is done to my people here, I have my people around the world: no American embassy can function. I have enough people in every country to force their government to disconnect their relationship with America.

This country is not a democracy; this country is simply hypocrisy! But till the whole world is awakened against this country’s criminal politicians, we have every right to defend our small minority. They are trying to destroy it in every way.

They go on moving so slowly, and the reason is, they want to make some deal with the criminals who are hiding in Germany, in the Black Forest. They want to give them immunity, so that they can point to innocent sannyasins and accuse them of all the crimes that they have committed. That’s why they are delaying.

Out of the twenty criminals only one young woman, Ava, came back from Seattle. She is trying to give her testimony, and they have been postponing. I don’t understand it. She has been in the group who committed all the crimes; she is an eyewitness, she can expose the whole group. Not taking my interview, not taking Ava’s interview, simply indicates one thing: they want to make some deal with Sheela and her gang, so the criminals are protected and the commune can be destroyed.

But I am not going to let it happen. And if it happens, America will repent for it, because our fight will not end here in Oregon. It will go on into every nook and corner of the world.

They have never faced nonpolitical mystics.

This will be a new experience for the idiots.

I am really excited.

I have heard you emphasizing the importance of creativity in music and spiritual growth, for the last eleven years. Yet the ashram, the commune, is the only place I have lived in where it has been impossible to live totally as an artist or musician.
There are artists and musicians here, including myself, who have been yearning for the space to pursue their art in a climate of meditation, but have had to put it aside to be with you.
In the past, we were told repeatedly that it is not the right time. Isn’t now the right time?

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