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Chapter 8: Dying in Wonder

A few days ago, Krishna Prem saw Morarji Desai. He made it a condition that whatsoever was said to Krishna Prem was to be absolutely private and off-record.

Why? Why this condition? If it is true, let it be on record. And if it is a lie, there is no need to talk about it.

But I understand he made that condition - because he told Krishna Prem, “If it was in my power I would have demolished Acharya Rajneesh’s work, his ashram, everything.”

Do you see the mind? It is the mind of a dictator. And why does he say that if it was in his power.? It is in his power, and he is doing whatsoever he can do.

Just the other day, from very reliable sources, it became known that he has informed the authorities that somehow, in any way, we have to be trapped into some legal problems, traps. “You have to find something or other so that we can proceed legally against this commune.”

Twice they have checked all the files, all the records, and twice they have decided that there is nothing wrong. Now again, a third time, they have asked for all the files and all the records to be reopened; the issue has to be reopened, because there is pressure from New Delhi.

The chief minister of Maharashtra was willing to help. Just the other day, he said to a friend, “I was willing to help at least as far as the land is concerned, I was going to help the commune. But now the pressure from Delhi is too much. Now it is beyond my capacity; I cannot help.”

Why does Morarji Desai say that it is beyond his power? He is doing everything that he can do. But remember, these attitudes are not going to win. Democracy has become part and parcel of the modern mind; the days of this type of thing are over. You are clinging to corpses, Morarji Desai. You are clinging to dead things which no longer have any future.

A dictator had his picture printed on postage stamps. When he learned the stamps were not selling very well in the country, he called his postmaster-general and asked why.

“It’s because the stamps won’t stick to the envelopes,” explained the postal chief.

The dictator demanded why unsatisfactory glue had been used.

“It’s not the glue,” explained the postmaster. “It’s because they spit on the wrong side.”

This is going to happen to all kinds of dictatorial minds. Morarji Desai, beware of it!

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