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Chapter 8: The Real Magic

And the man said, “Yes, I can walk on water.”

Ramakrishna asked, “Sir, please tell me how long it took for you to learn the art?”

The man said, “I have devoted eighteen years to learning the art of walking on water.”

And Ramakrishna started giggling like a small child, and he said, “This is stupid, because whenever I want to go to the other shore the ferryman takes me, and he takes only one cent! Just for one cent I can go to the other side - and you wasted eighteen years? It is only worth one cent, not more than that. And you think yourself holy?”

The same type of story happened with that mysterious Mohammedan woman, Rabiya. Hassan, a Sufi mystic, came to see Rabiya and he wanted to show her his powers.

The very desire to show your powers is ugly; it is political. It is not religious, not at all spiritual. He talked about other things, but he was waiting for the right moment to arrive so that he could show his power.

And Rabiya said, “It is time now for me to read my Koran. Are you going to participate in reciting the Koran with me?”

And this was the right moment for which he was waiting. He said, “Let us go on the water.” The lake was just in front of them. “We will walk on the water reciting the Koran!”

Rabiya said, “Walking on water, reciting the Koran? That does not appeal to me much. Don’t you see the white cloud in the sky? We should go there, sit on the cloud and recite the Koran.”

Hassan said, “But I don’t know how to fly in the sky. Have you learned the art of flying in the sky?”

Rabiya said, “Birds can fly in the sky; it is not much of an art. Fishes can swim in the river, in the lake; it is not much of an art. Hassan, come to your senses! I was just joking. I cannot go to the cloud, I cannot walk on the water. But the real miracle is: reciting the Koran, I disappear. Can you do that? Only reciting remains, singing remains - the singer disappears, I am no more.”

I agree with Rabiya. There have been very few women who can be called masters; Rabiya is one of them.

You ask me, Guenter: “Osho, I understood you said the other day in the lecture that Jesus did not walk on water.”

Yes, because I respect Jesus so much, I cannot believe that he was so stupid as to walk on water.

And you say: “You also said there are no miracles as such.”

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