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Chapter 11: The Fully Enlightened One

You have met a man, a woman, you are in love, and you cling and you want this love to stay forever. In that very moment - when you desire that the love should stay forever - it has disappeared. It is no longer there. All mind experiences are like lightning: they come and they go.

Buddha says: You simply watch. There is not time enough to cling! You simply watch, take note: “Headache, headache”; “Love, love”; “Beauty, beauty.” Just take note, that is enough. It is such a small moment that nothing more can be done. Take note and become aware.

Awareness can become your eternity - nothing else.

And the last thing, the ninth: Buddha says, think about mind experiences as clouds, changing forms, fluxes. You look at the cloud; sometimes the cloud is like an elephant, and immediately it starts changing and becomes a camel or a horse, and so many things. It goes on changing, it is never static; so many forms arise and disappear. But you are not worried - what does it matter to you whether the cloud looks like an elephant or it looks like a camel? It does not matter, it is just a cloud.

So is the mind a cloud around your consciousness. Your consciousness is the sky and the mind is the cloud. Sometimes it is an anger cloud, sometimes it is a love cloud, sometimes it is a greed cloud - but these are forms of the same energy. Don’t choose, don’t become attached. If you become attached with the elephant in the cloud you will be miserable. Next time you will see that the elephant is gone and you will cry and you will weep. But who is responsible? Is the cloud responsible? The cloud is simply following its nature. You just remember - a cloud is there to change, so is the mind.

Watch from your inner sky and let the clouds float. Become just a watcher. And remember, clouds will come and go, you can remain indifferent.

Buddha has given indifference very great value. He calls it upeksha. Remain indifferent: “It doesn’t matter..”

Two astronauts, a man and a woman, were visiting the planet Mars, where they found the Martians very hospitable and eager to show them around. After a few days the astronauts decided to pose a pressing question to their hosts: “How is life reproduced on Mars?”

The Martian leader proceeded to take the astronauts to a laboratory where he showed them how it was done. First he measured some white liquid into a tube, and then carefully sprinkled a brown powder on top, stirred the mixture and set it aside. In nine months, the astronauts were told, this mixture would develop into a new Martian.

Then it was the turn of the Martians to ask how life was reproduced on Earth. The astronauts, a bit embarrassed, eventually gathered courage to give a demonstration, and began to make love. They were interrupted, however, by the hysterical laughter of the Martians.

“What is so funny?” the astronauts asked.