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Chapter 22: Accept Yourself as You Are

This is what is the attitude of a meditator: to look at everything but not to jump into it. Whatsoever passes is good. Sometimes happiness comes, sometimes sadness, anger, jealousy; you need not make them your problems. You have the attitude as if you are waiting at the railway station in the waiting room. So many people coming and going - good and bad, saint and sinner - it is none of your concern; you simply sit in your chair unconcerned. You are waiting for your train, and these people are not coming for you - you don’t even know who they are. You are not in a judging mood of who is good and who is bad, because you judge only when you think this is your home.

Let the whole world be just a waiting room. We are wailing for our train, and sooner or later we go. Whenever your train arrives you move.

The mind is just a waiting room, so be aware of it. Soon you will come to a great insight that everything arises on its own, and if you interfere you delay the process. So let this be the motto: Acceptance - no interference. What can you do? The rain is coming and clouds have gathered in the sky; there is much thunder and lightning, but what can you do? You simply watch, and then sooner or later they disappear.

Your mind is also a sky. You are beyond it. You can watch your thoughts moving just as you watch clouds float by. You are the watcher. And when you see that, you will see that there are no problems left.

You follow me? Just try!


The Tao group is present this evening.

I’ve been looking for areas in myself to work on, and I feel like there is nothing! (laughing)

There is nothing. This has to be understood: some people sometimes take lives to understand a simple thing - that there is nothing to do. One has just to start from this moment; nothing is lacking or missing. But there is this idea that one has to prepare first.

It is just like when a child is born. He is ready to breathe - no preparation is needed, everything is ready. Just a good cry and the lungs start functioning, the breathing comes. Sometimes it is necessary that the doctor slaps the child on the bottom to give him a jerk.

That is all a master can do. He can give you a slap, a jerk, so that you start breathing. Otherwise everything is ready.

Preparation is a wrong notion that has been given by the society. If you want to appear in an examination, you have to prepare for years, but this is not an examination. Life is not an examination. It needs no preparation. Trees are living perfectly beautifully, animals also. Only man is missing because he is trying to prepare first.

Just start living, and you will suddenly see that everything is always available. There is nothing to do, nothing to prepare to become capable - you are capable. The whole effort here is to make you aware in as many ways as possible that you are ready to live, to be ecstatic, to celebrate.

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