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Chapter 6: Intuition and Zen

All your senses are doors, and remember, a door can open outward and the same door can open inward. It is the same sense which you use to hear outer music, with which you can hear the music of your own being. The question is simply whether to go inward or to go outward; the door is the same.

Maneesha is asking:

Although I am not even sure what intuition is, I suspect that there is a connection between intuition and Zen. Is that so?
And if it is, can intuition be triggered through any of the senses, even through thinking?

No, Maneesha. Thinking is not capable of triggering intuition. Intuition.the very word is against tuition. Tuition comes from outside, intuition blossoms like a flower from your innermost core.

Thinking cannot do it, but these bamboos can do it, this finger pointing to nothing can do it, this silence pervading here can do it.

Thinking is a hindrance, it cannot trigger your innermost being.

In fact it is preventing the triggering.

When you see a beautiful sunset, immediately, the thought! To prevent, it says, “How beautiful, what a beautiful sunset!” and it has prevented the sunset reaching and hitting your very being.

If you can hear these poor bamboos without a single word arising you have arrived home.

Maneesha is asking:

Could the “intuitive flash” be a cognitive quantum leap; and enlightenment, a quantum leap of the being?

Intuition and enlightenment are not two things. Your innermost center is your enlightenment. It is not that you become enlightened, you are enlightened, but your thinking prevents you from recognizing it. The quantum leap is needed: from thinking to no-thinking, from mind to no-mind, from out to in, from there to here, from then to now.

Before we enter into the quantum leap, the bamboos are asking for few laughs.

A student demonstration turns into a riot.

Suddenly, a man staggers out of the crowd, carrying a limp girl in his arms.

“Here,” shouts a cop, running up to the man. “Give her to me, I will get her out of this!”

“To hell with you!” replies the man. “Go and find one of your own!”

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