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Chapter 19: Man: The Greatest Problem - and the Only Solution

Even the good God could not manage to remain for seven days without doing anything. In six days he created this neurotic world, and on the seventh day He said, “Great! I have done a great job, now I can rest.” But this poor priest.so he had his parrot and slowly, slowly he made him almost a scholar, trained him. The whole week there was no other work. The parrot knew almost all the sermons of the priest. He had become lately a nuisance because he wouldn’t let the priest rest even a little while. Whenever the priest was resting the parrot would start his sermon that the priest had - with great labor and patience - been teaching him, not knowing that it was going to backfire.

He would shout at the parrot, “Shut up! You keep quiet! On Sunday I have to preach myself, and I have to hear my own words; and then seven days you torture me day and night. Whenever you see me you immediately start my sermons. I am fed up with these sermons!”

And the parrot would giggle. He would say, “What about me? And what about those fools who come to the church? Everybody is fed up. When I get bored I start the sermon - what else to do? And here I don’t see anybody, no congregation; only you are my congregation.”

The priest was thinking many times that if this parrot died - he was old, and if he died it would be good. By a coincidence the parrot died, and then the priest realized that it was impossible to live alone; the parrot had been a companion. Although he bored him, at least there was something - boredom; at least there was something to complain about, at least there was somebody he could shout at. Now there was nobody.

This is how habits work on people. You may be fed up with something - your husband, your wife; I call all these habits. You may be fed up with them, you may have thought many times, “If only this woman dies, or somebody takes her away.if she is hijacked.. In this whole world so many things are happening, but nothing happens to her: no accident, no hijacking, nobody elopes with her.. She seems to be accident-proof!”

And the same is what she goes on thinking, “This old foggy-head - how long am I going to suffer with him? Is he going to die or not.” But once the old foggy-head dies then she suddenly feels a tremendous vacuum intolerable.

The same happened with the priest. So he went to a pet shop to purchase another parrot. He said, “I want the best one, because the one I have lost is almost irreplaceable. He was such a great scholar, and such a hot preacher. He roused his congregation - although it was not much of a congregation, only I was there; but he was really a hot preacher.

“I am a silent and tolerant man - I am a priest and I am supposed to be; but he was able to break the ice. And he was more patient than me because when I used to become angry, he used to giggle; that giggle I can still hear. And I think perhaps he understood better than me. So I need something.really the best. I want to forget my parrot.”

The shopkeeper said, “You have come at the right time. Just now I have received a parrot which is a jewel. You cannot imagine anybody to compete with this guy. You come with me.”

He took him inside the shop. At the very back he had kept a beautiful parrot in a golden cage. The priest said, “What is the speciality of this parrot?”

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