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Chapter 17: No-Mind Is Emptiness and Fullness Together

Listening to people’s dreams, Freud came to see that people are living an absolutely false life. And this false life is created by your religions, by your moralities, by your educational system. They have not given you any method of transformation - they have simply given you a false face to cover your original face.

In dreams people are doing all kinds of things. They are embarrassed, when they are awake, even to accept what they did in their dreams. So Freud discovered a layer within and below the conscious mind - he called it the unconscious mind, because you are not aware of it. And his whole life’s work was concerned with how to sort out dreams and how to make those dreams conscious.

It is one of the great findings of Freud that once a dream becomes conscious it loses its grip on you; hence psychoanalysis became of great importance. Nothing else has to be done; the dream just has to be brought fully to the conscious mind.

You have to accept in all its minute details, that it is your dream, that you are carrying such thoughts within you. You should not deny it. If you deny it, it will remain within you. If you accept it, it evaporates.

The idea is that if all the dreams evaporate, your unconscious becomes clean, without garbage; and that gives you a tremendous feeling of well-being. You are not carrying something against yourself. You are not creating a division between your conscious mind and the unconscious mind; you are no longer split.

When there is no dream left - which Sigmund Freud did not succeed in doing.. He helped people to lessen the quantity of dreams, but he was not able, even with a single patient, to make him completely free of dreams.

So there is not a single person in the whole world who is fully psychoanalyzed. There are people who have been in psychoanalysis for fifteen years or twenty years, and still they go on digging and more and more rubbish goes on coming.

This was the reason why Carl Gustav Jung got an idea that perhaps below the unconscious mind there is another mind which goes on supplying more and more dreams. You go on analyzing, dispersing, but something keeps welling up and the unconscious is never clear, never clean; hence he came to the idea of the collective unconscious.

The idea of the collective unconscious is very important. It means that there is a point in your mind where you are connected with all the minds around you. This mind is collective, it is not just your own.

And there is constant traffic within the collective mind: so you may get rid of dreams in your unconscious mind, but the collective mind goes on supplying more and more junk.

And the collective mind is like a continent. Everybody else is involved in it; not only the present people, but centuries that have passed and the people who have lived - all have left impressions on the collective unconscious.

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