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Chapter 17: No-Mind Is Emptiness and Fullness Together

There is a possibility Jung never explored - that perhaps the collective unconscious has something to do with Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Perhaps you are carrying the collective unconscious mind of many lives.since the first life was born in the ocean as a fish and then developed through many forms up to the ape, and from ape to man. All those memories are there.

Somebody has to work with the collective mind through Charles Darwin’s approach. And that will also give a tremendous insight into Eastern religions and their idea of rebirth - that you had many births before, and not necessarily only human. You have been in other forms of life.

Gautam Buddha says in one of his lives he was an elephant, and he relates many stories of his past lives in which he was different animals. Perhaps all three - Carl Gustav Jung, Charles Darwin, and the Eastern idea of rebirth - are significant as far as the collective mind, the collective unconscious, is concerned.

And it is so full: from so many dimensions so many rivers are filling it; it is oceanic. And unless it is cleaned, you can never have a clean unconscious mind because this collective mind will go on supplying new stuff.

Jung stopped at the collective unconscious. The East has not stopped there. The East has these ideas - the unconscious mind, the collective unconscious mind - and it has one more mind, the deepest, the very base: it can be called the cosmic collective unconscious.

It is not only concerned with life, it is concerned with existence itself. There, the whole existence is supporting you. The whole existence is giving energy to the collective unconscious, which is a smaller thing; and the collective unconscious is giving to the unconscious, which is smaller still.

But this is all in darkness. Western psychology has gone only into the darker part of the mind, and in that too it has not reached yet to the cosmic unconscious.

This is going below, into the basement. The Eastern psychology has a similar pattern above the conscious mind. Just as there is an unconscious mind below the conscious mind, above the conscious mind there is a superconscious mind. Western psychology has not even dreamed about it.

Above the superconscious mind there is the collective superconscious mind, and above that there is the cosmic superconscious mind. It seems very logical, and very mathematical that if there is a basement, a foundation in the dark, then there must be something above. Things are always balanced in nature.

If a tree has roots and you only study the roots and forget the tree, you will be utterly wrong. The roots go downwards, deeper and deeper in the darkness; the tree goes upwards. It is strange that the roots go downwards and the tree goes upwards - in different directions.

At a certain point where the roots and the tree join there is a meeting point, and a departure point too. You have to learn about the tree, its foliage, its flowers, its fruits; otherwise just studying the roots will be incomplete. Unless you know the tree too, you will not understand the meaning of the roots.

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