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Chapter 28: We Have to Create a Golden Future

In Indian mythology, one of the great warriors of Mahabharata, the great Indian war of five thousand years before, had married a woman from Mexico. The word in Sanskrit literature for Mexico is Makshika. Mexico is a distortion of a Sanskrit word Makshika, because the description is exactly of Mexico; and in Mexico, Hindu temples have been found, and Hindu gods and their statues have been found. The Mexican temple is a replica of the Hindu temple.

George Gurdjieff used to say that America has been discovered many many times, but it becomes such a nuisance that we have to hush it up and forget all about it - then somebody else discovers it again!

If Ronald Reagan and his fascist colleagues are not going to listen to the protest of the whole intelligent world, then the only way will be an absolute boycott; forgive the fools - and forget them, so they can be discovered again by some Columbus.

The steps that Gorbachev is taking are immensely valuable, and are very convincing to the whole world that his intentions are for a beautiful co-existence.

There is no need of any war. You can have your democracy, you can have your communism, you can have your own ideology - what is the problem? There is no need to impose your ideology on somebody else. At least man’s spirit should be left in freedom to choose its own ideology - religious, political, social. No government has the right over the rights of the individual; all governments are only servants. But strangely, because of the power in their hands, servants become masters; they start behaving as if the masters are servants. But this cannot go forever.

Yes, all the predictions of the ancient seers, like Nostradamus, that the world is going to end by the end of this century, are true in a very different sense than has been understood. The old world is going to end, and a new world is going to begin. That is my interpretation of Nostradamus.

The old man has to disappear to give place to a new man with fresh values, with one earth undivided into nations, with one humanity undivided by religions, because religions don’t need to be organized. Religion is a love affair, a love affair with existence. There is no question of any organization like Christianity or Hinduism or Mohammedanism.

Religion is as much purely individual as love, because religion is nothing but the purest and the highest quality of love. You don’t organize love! You don’t say that this is Christian love, this is Hindu love, this is Mohammedan love. Love is simply love, meditation is simply meditation, peace is simply peace, enlightenment is simply enlightenment. It cannot have any adjective with it.

Changes have been happening. They will come to a peak by the end of this century when the moment of ultimate decision will have to be faced by humanity, either to transform yourself totally; drop all that is old.. Don’t look backwards; start creating new values, look forward - because the past is the past and to visit the graveyard too much is dangerous. The graveyard is a place one should visit only once, and that too is a one-way affair.you simply go there and never come back.

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