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Chapter 9: Death: The Climax of Life

And I am not saying to you not to sneeze because others will be disturbed - no. And I am not saying not to cough because others will be disturbed. That is not the point. You will become disturbed. You will lose the whole point of the effort; the whole endeavor will be lost.

In the morning meditation, relax. After the third step, relax. One thing more which you should remember: when I say “Stop!” in the morning meditation, or when the music stops, do not make your body comfortable. Do not try to take a posture; do not lie down. Leave the body as it is. Stop then and there, even if it is inconvenient and uncomfortable.

You were jumping and the posture is uncomfortable: remain frozen in that posture, do not change it. The moment you hear that the music has stopped, you stop. Become dead. You can make your body comfortable, you can lie down, but this gap will have already disturbed the energy; this gap will have already changed the direction.

In the three steps you have created a vital force, a floodlike force. Now, just by making your body comfortable, you will have forgotten it and your attention will have become diverted. Do not do that. When I say, “Stop!” stop immediately, then and there. And do not try to deceive. Do not say to yourself, “No one is looking at me, so why not make the body a little more comfortable? It is no one’s concern.” Then you are deceiving yourself.

One thing more. In the second step, when you are expressing all the suppressed emotions, when you are going completely mad in catharsis, do one thing emphatically: contract your facial muscles and relax. Contract and relax. Your body is not as tense as your face is because your face is the focal point of all suppression. And your face is the most expressive; that is why the face becomes the most suppressive. It is through your face that you express or suppress. In the second step, go on expressing through the whole body, but remember also to make the face tense and relaxed, tense and relaxed. In that way, much suppressed emotion will be released more easily.

Relaxation is not something to be done; really, you cannot do it. No one can do it because relaxation is against doing. You can simply stop doing and relaxation happens. So when I say “Stop!” when the music stops, stop completely as you are; do not do anything. You simply stop, stop all doing - not even a single movement. Then a very deep silence will happen to you and you will feel the difference. You have been making yourself comfortable; from now on do not make your body comfortable.

In the afternoon meditation also, after kirtan, when the music stops, you stop - as you are. Suddenly all the activity stops, and the whole energy moves only inwards; there is no opportunity for it to be diverted anywhere. And the same applies for the evening meditation which we will do just now. When I say, “Stop!” stop completely as you are. And when again the music starts and you begin to express your ecstasy, only then begin moving again. For the gap in between, remain in nondoing and the relaxation will happen.

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