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Chapter 10: The Song of All Songs

The father was so tired that he was not interested in the kid’s question so he said, “Nothing.” The boy stood there, puzzled for a moment, and then said, “But how do you know when you are finished doing it?”

If you do nothing how do you know when it is over? If you do something you know when it is over because there is a definition. But “nothing” has no definition.

If Jesus is nothing and Buddha is nothing and I am nothing, where do you make a definition? How do you demark where your master ends and Jesus begins? There is no fence between me and Jesus so if you enter into me you have entered Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tzu - you have entered all. If you enter Jesus, you have entered me. So drop these foolish ideas.

But it will certainly be easier for you to be related to me. I am here alive, present, Jesus has not been here for two thousand years. Whatsoever you know about Jesus is not about Jesus but about the people who have said things about Jesus. Whatsoever you know about Jesus is not direct, is not immediate. Two thousand years of corruption, two thousand years of distraction, two thousand years of interpretation, have changed a lot. The meaning of choosing a living master is that you can know the dead masters too. Jesus cannot be know directly - two thousand years are standing between you and him, millions of screens, much smoke. Whatsoever you know about Jesus is doubtful, is not certain. It cannot be certain. Even while you are facing me whatsoever you know about me is doubtful, so what to say about Jesus and what to say about Krishna - after five thousand years?

And Krishna has been corrupted more than Jesus - because Hindus are great scholars. Jesus’ followers were very simple people - a fisherman, a farmer, a woodcutter. Even if they had wanted to corrupt Jesus they couldn’t have. They were not efficient enough. They were not knowledgeable people. But with Hindus there are the Brahmins and the pundits. Krishna’s lot is far worse because of all these Brahmins and commentators and interpreters - and two thousand years of commentaries.

The Bible has not a single commentary, the Gita has one thousand commentaries. Now if you want to know what Krishna said, it is almost impossible. You will go mad if you go through all the one thousand commentaries. And those are the famous ones, I am not talking about ALL the commentaries. If all the commentaries were counted there would be thousands and thousands. If you go through all these commentaries you will simply go crazy because they are saying such diverse things - things which are diametrically opposite to each other. How can you connect with Krishna?

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