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Chapter 13: Truth Is Not Divisible

Commitment demands that you lose your eyes, lose your mind, lose your reason, your logic, your intelligence, your consciousness. It is almost a living death. Never begin anything with commitment.

But such is the mystery of life.. Begin everything with spontaneity, with natural awareness, with no commitment for anything, but always ready and open and available to anything new that you come across on the path. Only a spontaneous lifestyle can lead you to your authentic being.

And this is the miracle: that once spontaneous living has led you to clarity of vision, to purity of intelligence - has destroyed all the darkness of your soul and has made everything light within you - then spontaneousness itself becomes commitment.

But it is not being imposed from outside, it is a growth within yourself. It is your experience to which you are committed; it is your understanding to which you are committed. You are committed to your own eyes, to your own consciousness, to your own intelligence, to your own experience.

This commitment has a beauty and an aliveness.

It is spontaneity becoming mature.

Spontaneity was like a child; commitment is maturity, crystallization. Just as nobody can start from the middle of life, or from the end of life - everybody has to start from the childhood. Although every childhood will reach old age, and every birth will reach death.but nobody can begin with death. And a life that has been lived with joy and dance and love - its crescendo, the death, will not be dark. It will not be an end of something but a new beginning, a new beginning of a higher spontaneity on another plane.

But religions have deceived humanity in such cunning ways. And unless you are very alert, it is difficult to understand in what ways they have deceived you. Spontaneity and commitment are two poles of the same energy, but there is one commitment - which is imposed from outside, which has not come as a flowering of your own spontaneity - that is a false commitment: your being a Christian, or a Hindu, or a Mohammedan, or a Jew is a false commitment. It has not grown within you, you have not lived up to it. It is not a maturity of your own consciousness, not a crystallization of your being, but something imposed from above by others.

It has no roots within you. That’s why the whole world is full of religious people but there seems to be no religiousness anywhere. No religious values blossom, but just the opposite - humanity lives on an almost subhuman level.

Start from spontaneity. But no tradition, no culture, no civilization, will allow it, because they can control only dead people. And they can control through commitment.

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