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Chapter 14: Was God Thinking of a Circus

We don’t need to worry about their urination, but where is their water going? Once you have drunk water it has to find a way out of your organism. You cannot go on accumulating it - you will become a reservoir! And it will be a very strange, funny situation: reservoirs all around, carrying so much load. And anybody with a sense of humor can put a knife into them and the whole city will be flooded, people will be swimming!

You eat food, you drink water, you breathe air; you do everything just as any other animal does. Whether you are celibate or not, you do the same things. Just on the question of celibacy you cannot be separate. You don’t even know what is happening inside you, how your sexual energy is created. It is created by your intake of air, oxygen, by your food, by your milk.

Strangely, it happened that I was staying in a rest house with a shankaracharya. And I told him, “Celibacy is an absolutely unnatural idea. Only an impotent person can be celibate. If you are potent then you cannot be celibate. You tell me what you are, potent or impotent?”

He said, “I am celibate.”

I said, “Then I will take you to the hospital this very moment.”

He said, “You seem to be a strange man. It is a question of ideology. Where does the hospital come into it?”

I said, “It is not a question of ideology. Do you know how your sexual energy is created? Do you have any scripture in which it is described? Do you have any control over it - not to create it, to prevent it? You don’t have any control over it, just as you don’t have any control over your blood, you don’t have any control over your hair. Your organism has not left anything essential in the hands of your mind. And celibacy is part of your organism - the most important part. Biology cannot leave it in your hands.”

He said, “I don’t want to be in unnecessary trouble.”

I said, “Trouble or not, I can bring a doctor here.”

He said, “But I don’t want to argue with you.”

I said, “You are arguing, because you are saying that you are celibate.”

Not a single religious person - there are thousands of monks: Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist, Jaina - not a single monk has been to the people who can check whether he is celibate or not. But this ideal of celibacy has been created by very good people. They have not committed any crime - Mahavira or Gautam Buddha. They have not committed any crime, but they have created something which goes on creating immense crime.

According to me, they have to take the responsibility for it. With absolute respect and humbleness I want to say it, that all your religious leaders are responsible for your perversions, your pathologies, your mind going berserk. And they are the people who have condemned you. They won’t allow you to accept yourself. That’s why you are afraid to expose yourself: nobody should know that you urinate, hide it.

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