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Chapter 18: Be Available to the Unknowable

The divine is impossible, and because it is, life is beautiful. Because the impossible is, life is a tremendously beautiful drama. If everything becomes possible and known, life loses its meaning.

That’s why in the West, life is losing more meaning than in the East. Because science has made you more knowledgeable and because of the dust science has poured on you, the capacity to be surprised is becoming less and less. You are becoming almost insensitive to the unknowable. This is the only grave, the only death - that you think that you have known.

Always remain available to the unknown and the unknowable.


The Tathata group is here tonight. The group leader speaks first.

Sometimes I don’t feel it’s right for me to let my feelings come out at certain times - and that’s where I’m confused. At one point I just felt like laughing - the whole thing seemed completely absurd - but I held the laughter back.

No need to hold anything back, because if you do then the bridge between you and the group is lost; you become untrue. And if you are not authentic, you cannot lead them towards authenticity. If they feel, and they will, that you are holding something.you cannot hide the fact: it shows in a thousand and one ways that you are being untrue, wearing a mask, that you are trying to be something that you are not. Your tension will show it, your very vibration will make everybody alert.then the bridge is broken. Then you can talk, but there will be no communication. You can try to lead, but you are no longer the leader. They may even follow you, but the path is missed, the point lost. Then it is a sheer wastage.

The whole effort is to create a situation in which nobody holds anything, and everybody pours out his heart. The whole thing is to allow each participant to be as totally nude as possible, so that the burden, the heaviness that society enforces, is thrown away. The clouds disappear and for a few hours, or for a few moments, the sun shines and one can live in the sun rays naked, as if on a beach taking a sunbath.

But if you hold back, your communication can no longer be a real communication. You can talk, but the talk will become phony. You will say words, but they will be meaningless. You will assert something, but now those words will have no poetry, no life in them. They will be dead, lead-like, almost stinking.

Never do that - whatsoever the cost. Even if people think you are foolish, stupid, idiotic, there is nothing wrong in it. One should have the courage to be stupid too, to be foolish and idiotic - and it needs courage. Those moments are also part of life; why deny them? If you deny them you lose contact with tathata, suchness.

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