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Chapter 6: Only Now Is

“One hundred and fifty dollars!” exclaimed Goldfarb. “Have you got one without the acrobat on it?”

Jesus looks like an acrobat - if you are a Jew, that’s how it is. To a Jaina, Mohammed is not even worthy of being counted among the saints - what to say about the messengers of God? According to the Buddhists, even Mahavira, the tirthankara of the Jainas, is not worthy of being counted as a holy man, not even a moral man, because he moves naked - this is utter immorality. Buddhists cannot forgive him. This is exhibitionism, this is neurosis; the man is pathological!

You have been given ideas in the name of religions. I am not giving you any idea; I am trying to take all ideas away from you.

Just the other day there was a question saying: “Osho, sometimes you give wrong information to us.” Sometimes? My whole effort here is to destroy all the information that you have. All information is wrong. So I am not interested in giving you right information, because all information has to be taken out. You have to be left without information. When you are without information, without knowledge, not knowing what is what, in that state of not-knowing you bloom. Godliness starts opening up within your being.

I am not teaching a way, I am not giving you a system of thought, a philosophy - just the contrary. I am against all knowledge, all philosophy, all systems of thought, all theologies, all religions. And by dropping all, you can be in communion with me. It is a communion, not a following.

A communion means I respect you, I love you as equals. You are not inferior, just asleep. Your sleep does not make you inferior at all, your sleep simply gives you dreams. In fact, when Buddha became enlightened somebody asked him, “What have you gained?”

He said, “I have not gained anything, but I have lost many things. I have lost my desires, my dreams, my sleep, my anger, my greed, my ambition, my ego - I have lost so many things. And I have gained nothing, nothing at all. But by losing all those things I have come home. I have become just myself - a purity, a clarity, a cloudless sky.”

I am not giving you anything; on the contrary I am taking things away from you. In fact, if you think in terms of things, you are far superior to me, because you have many more things which I don’t have. You have a big ego, I cannot compete with you. You have great greed, possessiveness, jealousy, anger. You have a thousand and one things. I am a poor man compared to you, very poor, nothing to claim - or only nothing to claim. And if you are courageous enough, you are going to become a nothing yourself sooner or later.

I am not teaching a way, I am not giving you a goal. I am taking all ways away, all goals away.

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