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Chapter 5: Beyond Honor and Disgrace

But he was talking to his very intimate disciples, very close, who were in deep love with him. That is why he could say: God is love. He was talking to the heart in the language of the heart. He was indicating to the people of the heart that there is a further goal: that further goal is godliness, and where you are standing is love. Jesus is trying to create a bridge between God and love; that’s why he says God is love, or love is God.

He was not talking to popes, theologians, people well-versed in religious matters, no; he was talking to fishermen, farmers, carpenters - people who are not heady. People who are still of the feeling world, belong to feeling. That’s why he could say God is love. Heart can have a little glimpse.

So the first step is from the head towards the heart. And the second step is from the heart towards the being.

Nothing can be said about being, because even to say something about heart is impossible. Nothing can be said about being. You have to move, you have to know to know. There is no shortcut to it.

Says Lao Tzu:

He who knows does not speak

All those who have known have not spoken. You will not believe it, because Buddha spoke for forty years continuously. Every day for forty years he was speaking and speaking and speaking. And still, those who have known Buddha, they say he never spoke a single word. I go on speaking continuously every day, but those amidst you who will know me will know that I have not spoken a single word.

Because all that is spoken is just a hint. Nothing is spoken in it. It is just a net, a fisherman’s net, so that those who live in their heads can be caught. Once they are caught, the use of language is finished. Then their heart starts throbbing. Then a communion - not communication but communion - happens between the master and the disciple; then their hearts start beating in the same rhythm. Then they breathe in the same rhythm. No need to say anything then. Then everything is understood without being said.

All talk is to prepare you for silence, and only in silence can the truth be given.

Bodhidharma went to China many centuries before, to search for a disciple. He had something within him and his days were numbered; soon he would have to disappear from the body. And he was seeking somebody with whom communion would be possible. India was full of great scholars, but he had to go to China to find somebody who could understand the language of heart, the language of silence - which is no language at all.

He waited for nine years. Then came his disciple. Nobody knows what happened between these two people, nobody can know! But a transfer happened. Bodhidharma gave all that he had to Hui Neng. The tradition of Zen was born.

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